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best-online-colleges7.1 million Americans took for-credit classes online in 2013, with a large portion of these students completing their entire degree online. Online education is relatively new, but now it’s mainstream. There are more online colleges than ever, increasing competition, offerings, and overall value for students. Skill-based learning is particularly on the rise online, and most employers now report that they don’t see any difference between degrees obtained fully online and those obtained through more traditional methods.

Featured Online Colleges:

With the increased acceptance and range of high quality programs available fully online, we’ve decided to revamp our best online college rankings for 2015. At Best College Reviews we’ve learned over the years what students value the most in online education: affordability, flexibility, and quality support and instruction.colorado-technical-university This year, we surveyed over 400 institutions providing at least one bachelor’s degree fully online. Because institutions only providing a limited range of online degrees aren’t what most students want when it comes to attending an online college, we then narrowed the field by looking at the 80+ institutions that provide ten or more degrees fully online.

We then ranked those 80+ surveyed institutions according to the following metrics:

Best Online Colleges Methodology

  • Affordability: the average cost of attendance for one semester taking 15 credit hours
  • Flexibility: the number of bachelor’s degree-granting programs that may be obtained fully online, coupled with the flexibility with which students may obtain a degree
  • Academic Rigor and Support: the strength and reputation of the online program’s parent institution as well as the range of support services for online college students.

Data from the Distance Education Council, Peterson’s, and the National Center for Education Statistics was used in compiling this list.

25. Colorado Technical University

23. Ottawa UniversityColorado Technical University currently offers 13 bachelor’s degree level programs fully online, and a total of 99 programs at every instruction level. The large majority of their online bachelor’s programs are in information technology, healthcare, security studies, and business & management. Colorado Technical University courses are presented with intellipath technology, that focuses on what you don’t know through a series of questions and adaptive technology, tailoring course materials accordingly. The current estimated per-semester tuition is $4, 875, making the program the 12th most affordable of all surveyed.

24. Brandman University

Brandman University offers 33 bachelor’s degree level programs fully online through their schools of arts & science, business & professional studies, education, and nursing & health professions. Brandman University is a recognized leader in online course development and e-training and is regularly consulted by major corporations to craft quality educational opportunities online. The current estimated per-semester tuition rate is $7, 500, making the program the 28th most affordable surveyed.

24. Brandman Print 21. Maryland University College Waldorf

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