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Which Business Degree Prerequisites Can You Complete Online?When you are ready to earn your business degree, you’ll find that having the option to take your general education courses online is an extremely flexible and cost effective way to get the credits you need.

Here’s why:

1 - Low-risk environment. Online courses allow you to gauge if you have the time it takes to go back to school without taking on student debt.

2 - Pay less. When you pay less for your required general education courses - you’ll pay less for your degree.

3 - Get ready for success. At StraighterLine, our data has shown that students who succeed in our online course are far more prepared to succeed in their degree programs.

4 - Course transfer. StraighterLine has partnerships with nearly 90 accredited colleges where our courses are guaranteed to transfer. StraighterLine courses are also eligible for transfer at more than 2, 000 colleges through ACE Credit.

English Composition

English Composition I is typically required for all majors, no matter your degree program.

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