Teaching Resources Store

The East Bay Depot was created by and for teachers.

"As a new teacher this place is incredible... I would recommend this to any teacher or crafty person as the place to start."
-Depot customer on Yelp.com

With recent cutbacks to state-funded educational programs, teachers aren't getting the funding they need. Many teachers are responsible for buying their own supplies for their students and their classroom. The Depot is here to help.

The Teacher Resource Zone has been created in the Depot store by a grant from the Altamont Education Advisory Board. In Teacher Resource Zone educators will find:

  • Lesson plans and samples of creative projects
  • Free Lit Guides
  • Teacher's Email Llist to be notified when new educational inventory arrives
  • Information about upcoming workshops for educators

The East Bay Depot carries a wide variety of items just for teachers in our Educational Area. We make a special effort to offer these items at as low a cost as possible. Whatever subject you teach, the Depot has got your back. A sample of teachers items we have include:

  • Teacher's Editions
  • Workbooks
  • Language Study Books
  • Books about Education
  • Children's Books
  • Classroom Decorations
  • Maps and Educational Posters
  • Educational Toys and Games
  • Chalkboards, Dry-Erase Boards, Corkboards

In addition, we have paper, binders, staplers, pencils & pens, file folders, sheet protectors, art supplies, and so much more.


We are excited to announce our new Green Educator Award! Please click here to fill out a survey to be considered for our Green Educator Award.

You may nominate yourself, or a colleague who is part of our Green Educator Program. We will be choosing 4 recipients throughout the year to receive a $100 gift certificate to our Depot store. Our award recipients will also be honored on our website.

A Guide to a Responsible Year-End Locker Clean Out Created by the East Bay Depot with support from StopWaste.org

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