The Aquarium Snail Eats

The aquarium snail eats

Snails live in a wide range of ecosystems. Marshes, ditches, ponds, lakes and rivers are a great environment for their habitat. Apple snails can be kept in an ordinary aquarium with fresh water. They get along well with most aquarium fish, unless of course they do not belong to the species, feeding on clams. Aquarium snails -…

How To Accustom The Cat To The Scratching Post

How to accustom the cat to the scratching post

The desire to protect your furniture from the clutches of a pet - it is quite natural for any cat owner. But you can not deny the possibility of cats sharpen claws, this process it is necessary for the health and physical fitness. You can only teach them to do it in…

If A Cat Bites

If a cat bites

Cats - one of the most popular pets. Despite the apparent fluffy, purring in each manual alive predatory habits - echoes of its wild origin. Especially this sin still do not know the boundaries of the young animals, which began to play, can begin to bite humans. If they are not immediately wean from this lesson, they…

How To Make A Cell With His Hands

How to make a cell with his hands

Make a cage for a pet with their hands and everyone can. Making such a cell will cost much cheaper than buying in the store, in addition, it can be made of such size and configuration as you want.

If you are wondering how to make the cage with his hands, it should…

How To Water The Guinea Pig

How to water the guinea pig

Guinea pigs - it is very funny animals. They do not produce a lot of noise, so they often buy small children. However, like other pets, guinea pigs requires proper care. One of the components of the health of these animals is fresh water. Treat for the guinea pig it is necessary.

Instruction how to…

How To Run A Fish Into A New Aquarium

How to run a fish into a new aquarium

You decided to purchase a new aquarium and prepared it to receive new inhabitants? Note: You can not run there at once all the fish, as this may lead to dramatic consequences both for the individuals and for the entire ecosystem of the aquarium.

Instruction how to run a fish into a…

How To Feed The Carp

How to feed the carp

Karp - a valuable food fish and large breeding facility in the ponds. Artificial rearing of carp - it is quite feasible. Breeding carp may provide its artificial feeding. Without making feed for natural resources in the middle zone of the reservoir can be grown per year, not more than 20 kg of fish in terms…

How To Cut Your Nails In Pigs

How to cut your nails in pigs

Guinea pigs - quite undemanding animal, but certain rules of caring for them still exist. For example, these animals should be periodically trimmed nails. Grow, claws begin to curl. This can lead to curvature of the fingers, injury, paws, moreover, with long claws animal just uncomfortable to walk. To conduct the procedure should be…

How To Determine The Age Of The Bird Parrot

How to determine the age of the bird parrot

Corella - one of the most popular kinds of pet parrots in Russia. They are much larger than budgies, but it is quite unpretentious in care and are much longer to please their masters, because they live from 5 to 15 years. However, if you are not well versed in parrots, with…

How To Feed A Puppy Poodle

How to feed a puppy poodle

Poodle puppy is ready to change the diet from breast milk to artificial feeding at the age of six weeks. However, accustomed to the new food your puppy should be gradually and carefully.

Instruction how to feed a poodle puppy

Step 1:

Before reaching the age of two months the little poodle should eat six times…

How To Distinguish Siberian Cats From Other Breeds

How to distinguish siberian cats from other breeds

Cats of different breeds differ in appearance, character, habits, demeanor. If you are looking for a picky, friendly, intelligent furry friend, take a look at "Siberians". Distinguish siberian cats from other breeds is not difficult.

Instruction how to distinguish siberian cats from other breeds

Step 1:

Siberian cat - a very strong, sturdy and…

How To Clean Teeth York

How to clean teeth York

Following the acquisition of Yorkshire Terrier breeders to inevitably raises the issue of pet health. Some dogs are winners of numerous exhibitions and are particularly important for oral hygiene. How to properly clean the teeth of your pet, and when to do it, to get to know right away, even before the purchase of the dog.…

How To Teach Your Cat To Talk

How to teach your cat to talk

One of the differences between man and animals is our ability to talk. Some scientists suggest that the only reason why our pets can not master our language - different structure of their mouthparts. However, with proper training, you can train your cat to say the simplest human words.

Instruction how to teach a…

How To Make Parrot Manual

How to make parrot manual

Parrots all kinds - funny and cute pets. With a patience and effort, you can make quite tame. But better to start training at an early age. Adult birds by nature endowed with caution, for their domestication will take much more time and patience.

Instruction how to make hand-parrot

Step 1:

When you bring your new pet…

How To Prepare For The Exhibition York

How to prepare for the exhibition York

Dog Show - is not only a demonstration of the unique advantages of various breeds, but also a serious test for the four-legged friends and their owners. From how you cared for the animals, as it is fed and brought up, and the future depends on the status of the pet show. But in…

How To Make A House For Cats With Their Own Hands

How to make a house for cats with their own hands

Some animals love to sit in a secluded corner of the apartment, hiding from her tenants. This is due to the peculiarities of the nature of cats. That is why they need a house, which can be made with your own hands. This leaves you less than buying already finished.…

How Is The Cat Show

How is the cat show

Cat shows held in different clubs systems developed feline associations. In Russia, are becoming more common European: WCF and FIFE, as well as American: CFA and TICA. The system adopted in your club, find out before the show, to better prepare your cat.

You will need:

- pets; - Room for exhibition; - Jury.

Instruction how the…

How To Get Off The Horse

How to get off the horse

How beautiful riding a horse! Especially if you go for a horse ride in the nature. Here, your horse is joyfully carries you through a green valley, cutting through his chest counter cool breeze. Occasionally she slows down and listen to the sounds of the surrounding forest. Sometimes she really stops to drink water from…

How To Wean Biting York

How to wean biting York

Often, buying a small dog, people forget that it's still a dog, and neglect of the elementary training, considering that it is necessary only to large dogs. This approach to the decorative dogs often leads to aggressive behavior of these dogs - they start to bite. And Yorkshire Terriers are not isklyuchenie.Kak wean biting York? Above…

How To Attach The Cat On Vacation

How to attach the cat on vacation

At the height of the summer holidays, many pet owners are faced with the problem - where to attach your favorite pet. Pets are always keenly experiencing separation from the owner and do not like to change places. So, we must try to keep the cat familiar home environment and to provide appropriate care.…

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