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10 common myths about snakes

Quite often snakes cause fear and terror, and are associated with danger. People are afraid of snakes bite, considering their venom deadly poisonous. There is a lot of "snake" myths that are just a figment of human imagination and have no scientific justification.

10 common myths about snakes

1. The snakes drink milk.

In one of his detective stories by Arthur Conan Doyle has developed the idea that snakes drink milk. Soon, this idea has become widely recognized. In fact, drink milk snake can achieve death, as the body of snakes is not adapted to the absorption of lactose products.

2. When attacking a snake necessarily sting.

It is not always accompanied by a snake bite attack. Snake venom is contained not in the language, and in root canals. Probability of the poison in your body is only possible with the bite. Snake people are afraid of not less than those of snakes. At a meeting with the snake man tries to avoid any contact. But only in the case of grave danger it could bite.

3. Before you pounce on man, snake sticks out his tongue.

A common stereotype that emerged from watching certain movies. Snakes no nostrils airways are relevant language. To do this, a snake pokes it, and it is not connected with the attack.

4. Almost all snakes are deadly.

Not all snakes are poisonous, Research serpentologov of 2500 species of snakes, dangerous only 400. The majority of them lives in South America.

5. The snake is not dangerous if it pulled out teeth.

Poison snake is in the root canal, teeth tearing at the time, you can protect yourself. But when the teeth grow again, it is likely to receive a dose of venom when they bite.

6. If the snake sees a man, she will attack.

The snake does not like contact with a person and attacks only in case of danger. Once the snake sees a man, she either stops or starts to hiss and writhe. So she asks him to leave her alone. If you take a few steps back, the snake is likely to be hidden from view.

7. Snakes eat meat.

Basically snakes eat mice, frogs, some reptile species. King Cobra prefers to have their smaller counterparts. Each type of your preference and can not synthesize them.

8. All snakes are cold.

The snake - a cold-blooded animal. However, her body temperature corresponds to the environment. Not being able to constantly maintain their body temperature at the right level, snakes love to bask in the sun.

9. The body slimy snake.

snake body has no pores, so it can not be slimy. Rather, the touch snake skin nice and dry.

10. The snake winds around the trees.

It is connected with the narration of the serpent-tempter, who, according to legend, twined tree trunk. Indeed, snakes crawl on the trunk and on the branches of trees located there practically parallel to the ground. They just lie on a branch, it does not obvivaya it.