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As better described as a large dog

Choosing a name, a name for a dog is as important as it is for humans. The nickname and the dog must match. When you clearly understand that from a little clumsy fluffy lumps grow gorgeous handsome dog who can, standing on its hind legs, front put you on the shoulders, should be selected and the appropriate nickname.

As better described as a large dog

Instruction how best to call the big dog

Step 1:

Many dogs that appear in the homes of the puppies have a pedigree. This greatly simplifies the choice of the name, because you already know how the puppy will look as an adult. In addition, puppies with pedigree have a name that gives them a breeder. It begins with a particular letter associated with the serial number of the litter. You can choose the name of the dog that letter, using nicknames dog catalogs, sorted alphabetically. These directories can be found on the Internet.

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Step 2:

When choosing nicknames observe the general rules that assign names to the dogs. It should be short, no more than two, maximum three syllables, sonorous and easy enough to be pronounced when you call up the dog loudly to himself. Well, if in the name of the dog will be present sound of "p", and it is desirable that it was a combination of two consonants, standing in a row.

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Step 3:

Better call the big dog of that name, which sounds quite respectful. If the nature of the breed quite calm and the dog when it is an adult, will be characterized by "royal" behavior, you can use the names of foreign kings, to call it by Richard, King, Rex or Regina, Margot.

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Step 4:

If the dog promises to grow into a formidable defender of the master's goodness and his family members, you can choose "pirate" a nickname such as Flint, Morgan. But it is impossible to give a nickname that has a negative connotation - The killer, evil, and the like. Such rocks as Shepherd, Doberman or Bull Terrier, have an innate aggressiveness, you can smooth out this quality of character, picking up dog nicknamed "softer" - Lassie, Lizzie, Smokki, Guiseley.

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Step 5:

Knowing the history of the breed, refer to it. Read as called valiant ancestors - the founders, whose blood flows in the veins of your dog. Or, if the name of the breed is associated with a particular country, select the name of the puppy, inherent in the representatives of this nation, or the dogs, which are bred there.

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Step 6:

The big dogs are good nicknames called the phenomena of nature, wildlife, river - Amur Leopard, Thunder, Pamir, Taydzher or Leo (from the tiger and lion in English).