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Breed Collie. acquaintance

It would seem that who does not know the collie. More recently, in every yard he had a dlinnomordaya favorite kids. However, today when people try to make a puppy collie, they see in ads and on the sale of dog shows that just cause frightened by their appearance, and often behavior. What happened to the collie, collie breed, and what now?

Breed Collie. acquaintance

The name "Collie" is a generic for a number of herding breeds, but our citizens are accustomed to so-called long-haired collie or collie. Externally, the hallmarks of dogs the data is "firm nose" - an elongated snout in the form of a wedge, a third drop ears and elegantly framing the body coat with a fluffy mane and tail. If you do not go into the nuances uzkokinologicheskie, breed standard today, describes the same dog.

Collie breed standard

The standard describes the general appearance of the Scottish Shepherd. Collie should attract the attention of a dog of exceptional beauty, alert and active, without the presence of any disproportionate body parts. Collie is a kind of quiet dignity, and his movements are smooth and graceful. Abundant coat, mane in combination with the lines of the head and gentle expression of the muzzle should be of a pleasant and elegant picture, admirable.

As you can see, nothing has changed, it's still the same elegant intelligent, smart and beautiful dog. Color Collie can be:

Sable - a well-known red color (from straw to rich Auburn); trehkolerny - black housing; marble-blue (blue-merl) - silver blue with small black spots or marble pattern.

When any color preference white collar (fully or partially), white chest, feet and tip of tail. White markings may be located on the face.

The expression of the muzzle is an important point when considering the value of a particular dog breed Collie as a representative. Expression is achieved thanks to the perfect balance and is made up of a combination of the muzzle, forehead, eyes (size, color, shape and location), the right of ears. All this should be in harmony so that arose the most dreamy, but at the same time cautious, intelligent and lively expression. That makes it the most beautiful modern Collie representative of the canine kind.

The nature and behavior of the rough collie

First of all Collie - a herding dog. Its structure and behavior should embody the strength and activity, to be free from the phlegmatic and not have the slightest trace of coarseness.

"Scot" is elegant throughout and perfectly matches any temperament of his master, in no small measure adopting it. For example, an elderly housewife Collie is cautious on walks, gradually stepping over her grandmother, carefully avoiding the puddles and stares at the road. Married couple with playful children in the face will get a beautiful collie-shepherd nurse, no child will not be released out of sight. At the same time, the collie is an active participant in the noisiest pobegushek and fun-filled activities.

The greatest number of questions from beginners in the content Collie is caring for a dog coat. The dog is enough to comb out every 1.5-2 weeks and no domination of hair on the floors in the house, you will not see. In periods of moulting dog also you need to comb out. In general this breed healthy with proper feeding and normal cultivation with an average recreational exercise - 1-1.5 hours a day.