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How can I keep a horse

On horses easy to watch, but to care for them is not easy. Proper care of and promotes good mood horse. A wrong action can cause the animal discontent and even serious diseases. So, how do you properly maintain the horse?

How can I keep a horse

You will need:

horse stables, bedding: straw, sawdust, peat, water, hose, water

Instruction how to keep a horse

Step 1:

Choose a location for the horse. In the summer it can be a fenced area with a canopy under which a horse can hide in the rain. However, with the onset of cold weather is the place to stay of the animal will be completely unusable. Therefore, build a stable where the horse will spend the winter. Select the material for the building, which will remain dry and warm. The best materials for stables are wood and brick, but the concrete-block materials should be avoided because in the stables will be cold and damp.

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Step 2:

It is best if the horse will be in separate rooms - stalls. Ceiling height should be about three meters, and the windows should be positioned 1.5-2 m. from the floor. Between the stables must be partition height of 2.5 m. For comfortable movement horse reserved for her place must be at least 9 m (3 for 3), it is desirable that it was more spacious. Make sure that all the doors were opened to the outside in the stable, and their height is not less than 2.4 m, width - 1.2.

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Step 3:

The horse stall bedding should be present, where it will be able to rest, and where it will be absorbed odors and impurities. Construct it from the straw, sawdust or peat. Bedding change every day, to avoid various infections. It is best to use it as fertilizer.

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Step 4:

Install water. This allows you to wash the horse with a hose. Especially it is useful on hot days, and after working horse.

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Step 5:

Pay particular attention to nutrition horse. Remember the most important rule: first the water and then feed them. Bring water horse, only after she gets drunk enough, start feeding. And in any case, not vice versa!

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Step 6:

Take care and appearance of the horse: trim your hair, watch for the state of horseshoes.