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How do I know that the rat is pregnant

Rat - a genus of rodents, mice family. They were a long time favorites and friends of people. It is necessary to take into account their particular fertility. And if you keep individuals of different sex, then sooner or later they will produce offspring. The question immediately arises: "How do you know about the pregnancy rat?". Identify it can help some symptoms listed below.

How do I know that the rat is pregnant

Instruction how do you know that the rat is pregnant

Step 1:

On the occurrence of pregnancy in the rat by the absence of the next estrus. It is the objective sign.

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Step 2:

Look at the behavior of your pet. After all, at the very beginning of pregnancy changes the behavior of rats. They become more leisurely and relaxed. Some individuals may begin to aggressively treat male.

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Step 3:

Take a look at a rat. In pregnancy, it becomes slightly rounded, slightly increases the stomach, becoming wider in the area of ​​the ribs. With the female calf contours change over time. It becomes pear-shaped (acute muzzle and expanding belly). Particularly well the changes seen when the rat stands on his hind legs.

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Step 4:

You can feel the abdomen of your pet. Doing this is 2-3 weeks from the expected, but did not begin to heat. By this time it should increase significantly. And if you touch the belly of the female shortly before delivery, you can feel the movement of the future pups. However, in females covered for the first time, this is not recommended.

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Step 5:

Note that become pregnant rat begins to intensively and thoroughly equip your home. It is necessary to enclose the cage pieces of cloth, paper, dry grass. After all, this will construct a rat's nest. Do not disturb and do not try to stroke it in such an important moment. You run the risk of being scratched and bitten.

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