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How do you know that the cat is pregnant

Many owners do not know anything about cats how to proceed should a pregnancy their furry favorite. Not all of them will be able to determine, this is the pregnancy occurred after mating with a cat or did not. In fact, to understand that the cat will soon become a mother is not so difficult. To do this, you just need to carefully watch its behavior and appearance.

How do you know that the cat is pregnant

Instruction how to understand that the cat was pregnant

Step 1:

Cat reach puberty usually aged 7-9 months. Skip this time is simply impossible. The animal starts to walk slowly around the apartment on bent legs, meowing insistently willingly respond to caress and rub on a variety of subjects.

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Step 2:

Despite this early sexual maturation of cats, their first mating is recommended only conduct at the age of 1.2 years. Too early pregnant animals can cause the spine to sag or difficult childbirth.

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Step 3:

In the first three weeks of pregnancy cat usually becomes less active. The appetite of the animal is greatly reduced. Sometimes a cat may even vomit. It's not scary. As a rule, the state of the animal is improved significantly by 4-5 weeks of gestation.

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Step 4:

Understand that the cat is pregnant, and you can look at her nipples. After 3 weeks after conception, they begin to swell (increase in size) and acquire a distinctive pink hue. This is especially noticeable at the first pregnancy cats.

How do you see that the cat is pregnant

Step 5:

At 4-5 weeks pregnant cats already seasoned vet can feel the presence of embryos light touch of a finger on the animal's belly. Himself owners should not do this, not to harm the expectant mother and the babies. Incidentally, to determine the number of abdominal cats Kittens via probing impossible.

Step 6:

Noticeably rounded stomach of a cat starts only from the fifth week of pregnancy. The growth and development of embryos occurs very quickly, so the tummy at the cat-mother becomes immediately very large on the sixth week. This is especially true of females, hatching more than one kitten.

Step 7:

Stirring of kittens can be felt in the seventh week of pregnancy. Usually, by the time the cat behavior changes significantly. It gets very hectic. In addition, the expectant mother begins to look for a cozy place to nest arrangement.

Step 8:

In the last week of pregnancy cats significantly increase its breasts and nipples. The animal becomes less active and "thoughtful".

Step 9:

A couple of days before the birth cat little behind the master. She walks behind him, trying not to lose sight of him, is always with him.

Step 10:

Gestation length cat is usually 9 weeks. Although birth occurred as a week earlier or later, it is not uncommon.