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How is the cat show

Cat shows held in different clubs systems developed feline associations. In Russia, are becoming more common European: WCF and FIFE, as well as American: CFA and TICA. The system adopted in your club, find out before the show, to better prepare your cat.

How is the cat show

You will need:

- pets; - Room for exhibition; - Jury.

Instruction how the cat show

Step 1:

Cat Shows are conducted strictly according to the rules of World feline organizations. This event is not considered to be international if it is attended by at least one hundred cats. In this exhibition you can not get the title above, "the candidate for champions." Show cats can be divided into several types.

Step 2:

The purpose of advertising shows - demonstrate a new breed of cats, Breeding of animals or club dedicated to the breed. Such an event is more like a show.

How to arrange an exhibition of cats

Step 3:

Evaluation of the exhibition demonstrate one or more breeds. The main objective of this event is to identify deficiencies in animals and determine their possible participation in the future breeding of the breed. All cats are strict examination, at which they meet established standards. After a certain procedure, the animals are compared with each other.

prepare a cat for exhibition

Step 4:

All estimates of the exhibition is also divided into several types. The event inside the club will not be awarded any titles, and examination is carried out of the club by the judge. The aim of this exhibition is to identify cats that fully comply with the breed standard.

Step 5:

National exhibition of cats confined to a small number (less than a hundred), animals can not get the title above the CAC (the candidate for champions).

what you need for that would start in the cat club which documents

Step 6:

The international exhibition is a large-scale event, which involved more than one hundred cats. Examination conducted judge of the international category, may be awarded the titles of everything that is.

Step 7:

The exhibition usually lasts two days. The first day evaluate each cat individually. The second day is devoted to comparison of the best on the results of examination of the animals. Such events are usually held in the spring or autumn, when the wool pet is in the best condition.

Step 8:

Not all cats are admitted to the exhibition, the animal on the preliminary examination is to get an assessment "very good" or "excellent." Sift pets with fleas and dirty ears. The cat should not be podtochennaya claws and tinted hair.