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How to accustom the cat to the house

For favorite fluffy couch potato want to offer the best of everything. Toys, treats, your own cozy cottage. This new housing conservative cats often begin to ignore, preferring his favorite sofa. It is especially difficult to accustom to the house, if the pet is living with you for a long time, and a new item appeared just. But, with a little effort you can convince the cat.

How to accustom the cat to the house

You will need:

Catnip, a favorite treat, warm fluffy bedding.

Instruction how to accustom the cat to the house

Step 1:

Determine the location of the house. The apartment has a cozy couch cat chooses itself, whether it is your bed or a single seat. And it does not like to change their habits. Experiment: move the new housing, albeit located on a windowsill or a chair. When the cat gets used to the new place - you will be able to move her bed to where you will be comfortable. If the construction of a massive, several stories high, with a variety of loopholes, try to put it right next to the cat's favorite places. If this is not possible, then move the house, watching the cat's behavior. When you guess right with the location, the pet immediately show interest in new housing.

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Step 2:

Draw attention to the cat house. In pet stores presented with catnip funds from a variety of manufacturers. This sprays, and impregnated with toys, and just leaves sewn into bags. The smell of this plant attracts the cat adjusts it to the game and improves mood. Sprinkle couch inside and out, put a toy inside the leaves of catnip (catnip). Update smell every day as long as your pussy does not love a new home.

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Step 3:

Chances are, your cat has a favorite bedding. Perhaps this scarf or fur rug, old Blankets. Put them inside the house, the familiar smell will surely attract your pet. If there is no such thing - buy a fluffy rug. Typically, cats are very fond of warmth and comfort.

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Step 4:

Play. Show your Fuzzies how cool and fun to be in the house. Use fishing rod with feathers, rattling balls, pet treats, show imagination. Raffle, happy cat subsequently return to this place. Do not forget to encourage her pieces of a favorite delicacy. Praise your pet for any attempt to be near the stove bench or on it.

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