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How to accustom the cat to the scratching post

The desire to protect your furniture from the clutches of a pet - it is quite natural for any cat owner. But you can not deny the possibility of cats sharpen claws, this process it is necessary for the health and physical fitness. You can only teach them to do it in a specially designated place. To do this, you will need patience and endurance, as well as the subject called "scratching posts". You can do it yourself from a piece of wood, upholstered fabric, or buy at the pet store. Remember that the younger your pet is, the easier it will be to teach the kittens. Therefore, it must be addressed immediately, as soon as the kitten appeared in the house.

How to accustom the cat to the scratching post

You will need:

- scratching posts; - Solution of catnip or valerian tincture; - Spray with a citrus odor.

Instruction how to accustom the cat to the scratching post

Step 1:

Note that on some surfaces kitten prefers to sharpen claws - vertical or horizontal. What are the materials he likes more? Consider these factors when choosing a manufacturing or scratching posts. Make sure also that was resistant to scratching and withstand the weight of the animal, taking into account that it will grow. Add scratching better in those places where the cat often tries to sharpen claws. As you become accustomed to your cat scratching posts can gradually remove the object in a convenient place for you.

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Step 2:

Seeing that the cat sharpening its claws on the furniture, do not shout at him. Suffice it to say sternly and sharply "You can not!". You can accompany the word clap their hands or kick the folded newspaper on the nearest subject. The cat will realize that doing something wrong. Beat the animal should not be - it is not the best effect on your relationship with him.

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Step 3:

If you want to have some kind of physical impact, use of water jet spray. For members of the cat family contact with water rather unpleasant. Then bring your cat to the scratching post and put his front paws on the surface of the object. Perhaps he instinctively plunge claws scratching post. Show him your approval on this occasion.

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Step 4:

Be sure to praise and caress your pet if it is used as intended scratching post. Often praise for the animal is more than the punishment for the offense.

Step 5:

Be patient. Accustom the cat to the scratching post is even more difficult than to the tray. But the result is worth it.