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How to attach the cat on vacation

At the height of the summer holidays, many pet owners are faced with the problem - where to attach your favorite pet. Pets are always keenly experiencing separation from the owner and do not like to change places. So, we must try to keep the cat familiar home environment and to provide appropriate care.

How to attach the cat on vacation

Instruction how to attach the cat on vacation

Step 1:

Agree with neighbors, so they looked after the cat. Particularly well this version is suitable for those who are friends with the neighbors, and the cat they had seen and know. Then there is the likelihood that he will not be afraid of their arrival and will eat food that they put in a bowl. After all, many of the animals it is the refusal of food have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new circumstances. In this case, anybody can not change the habitual diet pet food and feed it unusual meals. Cats enough to feed twice a day - morning and evening, to change the drinking water and clean the tray every day.

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Step 2:

Be sure to negotiate with the neighbors, the amount (or other consideration), you pay them for the care of animals. So you're sure to really take care of it and do not quit. Leave a small amount of the pledge, as well as the need to leave money on the maintenance of the cat. It may happen that animal feed or filler before the end.

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Step 3:

If the neighbors every day will not come, ask someone from relatives or friends once a day to look after the animals. To pet is not hungry, get a bird feeder with dispenser. They come in several forms. There are those in which you pour the feed to the top, and he spent at least how the animal eats it. There dosing with timer - the contents of the dispenser into the bowl gets a set time interval. A bowl with dispenser ensures that the food is fresh, and the animal will eat it in equal portions.

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Step 4:

In the most extreme case, consider the variant of hotels for animals. This option is not desirable that such transfers for cats always stress, they are very attached to the house. Before you give the animal in a hotel, check the situation, the conditions under which contain cat. The hotel should be located in a country house, to have a separate room to stay indoor and outdoor animal enclosure for walks. Cats must be seated in individual large cells and not in contact with other animals.

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Step 5:

Find out what documents you need to provide to the animal adopted. Since you should be required to request a photocopy of your passport and a veterinary passport cat. These measures suggest that the institution cares about the health of their "guests." Otherwise, nobody will give you assurance that you are back to take away your pet is absolutely healthy.

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Step 6:

Enclose with Zoogostinitsa service contract, which will be spelled out the cost for rent content, conditions of detention, especially food. You have the right to specify in a contract any additional services you would like to receive and pay. So your "Murzik" can cut, wash, to walk and even play with him in the usual games.

Step 7:

If you are looking for a budget option, pay attention to the so-called private overexposure. On overexposure are animals who, for one reason or another do not have a host. Basically there animals are kept, and picked up on the street waiting for his "adoption". Someone is being treated, someone living out his days in this period. By cons overexposure is the fact that animals can come to him from the street, without any veterinary controls. You can not make an agreement with the owner of overexposure, because such institutions operate illegally.