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How to bathe fee

Owners of purebred dogs know how important it is regularly bathe their pets. Wool must be kept clean, especially if the dog participates in exhibitions. This also applies to taxes, because such active dogs sometimes just can not soil oneself while walking!

How to bathe fee

Instruction how to bathe fee

Step 1:

First, we should choose a special dog shampoo. The difficulty lies in the fact that taxis are very dry skin, so properly chosen remedy can cause irritation. Since shampoo washes away the skin's natural lubricant, it should take a break of 5-6 days between baths to lubricant time to recover.

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Step 2:

Wash the fee should be fully, from tip of nose to tip of tail. So that the water accidentally fell into your pet's ears before bathing attach them carefully oiled pieces of wool.

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Step 3:

Pour into a separate bowl special dog shampoo, then dilute it with water, stir thoroughly and beat the foam. Put a fee on the bottom of the tub. If the bath is too cold - pre-heat it with warm water jets. In addition, at the bottom you can lay an old towel or rag.

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Step 4:

Thoroughly wet hair dachshund. Note the temperature of the water! Dogs is recommended to wash with cool water, not hot, and certainly not hot. Wet your pet's coat, gently put her shampoo. Thoroughly rinse hair (to achieve the best effect, you can use a special brush), and then rinse with shampoo and rinse fee. Note: after washing hair should be slippery.

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Step 5:

Next you need to slightly dry hair. You can do this in several ways. First, you can hold hands on the body of a fee, like squeezing water out of wool. Second, the wet hair with a dry cloth or towel. Third, lightly blow dachshund ear, in this case, it will start to shake oneself instinctively.

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Step 6:

After pre-drying, carefully wipe the dog and wrap it in a warm towel. can be applied to pet hair special oil balm for dogs If desired, or any other means that it is not necessary to wash off. Then the wool fees can be dried with a hair dryer (pay attention to the fact that the stream of air should be cold), or allow the dog to dry yourself.