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How to breed shrimp

Technology of breeding shrimp genera as Neocaridina and the Caridina, can be successfully applied to the crystals, bees, bumble bees, tiger, cherry and Caridina spp. green. But first you need to determine what you need to do.

How to breed shrimp

You will need:

- aquarium; - Filter; - Plants for the aquarium; - Shrimp.

Instruction how to breed shrimp

Step 1:

Pick up the aquarium. Depending on the amount of shrimp, it may be a 10-liter and 30 liter.

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Step 2:

Choose a sponge filter. You can use only a "running" type, because it is the most harmless for shrimp.

Step 3:

Buy a large number of plants: moss, fern Thailand, Ricci, Anubias Barter dwarf, vodokras frog and others.

Step 4:

Depending on the region in which you live, buy a thermostat, or fan. They are necessary in order to maintain a constant temperature in the range from 21 to 25%.

Step 5:

Buy shrimp themselves different genders according to age. The biggest challenge is to determine the shrimp floor. Cherries reach sexual maturity at the age of 3.5 months, and Caridina spp. green - 5 months. To determine their gender need to know a lot of nuances, for example, in both sexes Bee shrimp and type of crystal the same body shape. It changes only when the eggs begin to hatch first. In addition, in the early stages of their eggs it is very difficult to see.

Step 6:

After selection with native shrimp is done, place them in an aquarium with a lot of hiding places. To remove food that was left half-eaten, use snails. As mentioned above, apply filters or Riccia vodokras frog. They also serve as a vital source and oxygen (Riccia). A moss is food for adults and juveniles. In addition, the plant will create a feeling of comfort and security in the aquarium.

Step 7:

For several weeks, do not create stressful situations shrimp. Feed them food that contains big amount of fats and proteins: Artemis, frozen, high-quality pellets, Cyclops. Such a diet is necessary to ensure that the female can produce eggs. Too much food, let's not - it will not be completely eaten and leftovers will rot or it will eat snails, but you do not breed them together.

Step 8:

Wait until you notice the pregnant females. It may take days or even weeks. The eggs hatched shrimp approximately 3-4 weeks, and then out of it appear tiny shrimp. They feed on humus or food, found in moss. Up to the size of adult shrimp, they grow up in a few months. It depends on the quantity and quality of food and water exchange (1 week). Change of water leads to moult, and this, in turn, stimulates growth. To avoid overpopulation should not keep a lot of teenagers and fry together.