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How to bring fleas in dogs

All dog owners, no doubt, once faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, like fleas. Agile, small insects hosted in your pet's coat, bringing him discomfort. Your task - to help pet, sparing it from intruders.

How to bring fleas in dogs

Instruction how to bring fleas in dogs

Step 1:

At this point, in veterinary pharmacies are a lot of tools for removing fleas. Let's look and choose the most podhodyaschee.Antibloshiny collar. Due to the ease of use, many owners prefer it to other media. And they are wrong. Collar, above all, helps to prevent infections by parasites, and more suitable for dogs with short hair. Another shortcoming is that the collar may chafe your skin or your pet does not like the smell of it.

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Step 2:

Special shampoos effectively kill fleas on the first try, you just bathe the dog in the shampoo, but do not remove all parasites. Just be careful, all antibloshinye shampoos are harmful because they contain chemicals.

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Step 3:

Sprays against fleas suit those animals that are difficult to redeem, for example, the big bad dog. In this case it is possible to use sprays. Spray on the pet's hair and make sure that it does not licking himself until dry means. The drug is very effective and its effect persists for a long time. But the sprays are not suitable for long-haired breeds.

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Step 4:

Antibloshinye drop. The tube is designed for pet weight. Drops are applied to the skin in the scruff. Drops provide protection for three to four months.

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Step 5:

Intramuscular injection. They need to be very careful and use only when absolutely necessary. These injections will relieve your pet from fleas, not only but also for ticks and stomach parasites. Remember, it is not necessary to give injections to dogs small. Still injections were made based on the larger animals.

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Step 6:

After the destruction of the parasites need to make sure that they never returned. That's when a good tool will collar for short-haired dogs and for animals with a long drop sherstkoy.I again, the sooner you will notice that your pet is worried, the sooner it can be treated. Most pet Inspect to make sure that he does not have fleas.