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How to build a cage for rats

It is known that rats - a very clever animal, probably why they are so popular as pets. When constructing new housing for a pet it is necessary to take into account that the rats are also very mobile animals, in addition, they need a little shelter, nest, where there will be a completely hidden from view.

How to build a cage for rats

You will need:

For adult male cells - cells; - Plastic or wire "floors"; - Linoleum; - Nippelevaya drinker; - Automatic feeders; - Branches, twigs; - Pieces of natural fabric; - Sawdust or paper; - Fake bottom.

Instruction how to build a cage for rats

Step 1:

Get a spacious cage, its height should be at least eighty, but rather one hundred centimeters, width - not less than forty centimeters in length - from sixty centimeters, the distance between the bars of the cage should be no larger than one centimeter.

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Step 2:

Make 3-4 tiers, each with a minimum height of 15-20 centimeters (in other words, such a height that your rat could freely stand on his hind legs), use of plastic or wire grid mesh that it is imperative to cover a piece of linoleum, otherwise can damage rat paw. Cover with a piece of linoleum and floor in the cell if it wire. Connect the tiers to each other with ramps and ladders.

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Step 3:

Install the false bottom, a plastic sieve located at 2-3 cm above the present day. Note that the hole diameter should be no more than 3 millimeters, and the distance between them - about 6 millimeters, or rat foot may get stuck in them. Pour under the false bottom sawdust deciduous trees (aspen, for example) or net (the ink is toxic!), Not flavored paper.

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Step 4:

Make different lazilki - stairs, ramps from the roots, the thick boughs, branches of oak, maple, beech, willow, hazelnut and fruit trees, paper tubes with a diameter of 6 to 8 cm, made of coconut fiber ropes. Strengthen the bars dosochki cells, observation platforms.

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Step 5:

Equip at the middle or the top (in a small cell - in the first) tier of the cozy little house: perfect houses for guinea pigs, wooden boxes for nests of large parrots or, for example, an inverted clay flower pot with a hole in the wall or a sufficiently sized cardboard box, also house can be assembled from planks or stones. Hang the hammock to a cell of a dense, well-permeable moisture and quick drying fabric.

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Step 6:

Take a piece of fabric 25-30 centimeters in length, attach the ribbon at the corners, take the second piece of fabric 5 cm shorter than the first and stitch them to get something like a sleeping bag. Attach to the bars of the cage from the outside nipelevuyu trough (a plate or tray with water is not suitable rats). Set on the first tier of metal or ceramic feeders, better even attach them inside a cage, because they would be impossible to turn.