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How to build a dog kennel

You have a vacation home or a suburban area, then it's time to take care of the dog purchase, which will protect your home and yard from intruders. But above all, choose a place where there will be live dog. To do this, take care of the construction of the kennel, which is to be built in compliance with some simple rules.

How to build a dog kennel

You will need:

- Molded - sexual decking - bar - decorative slats - quirk.

Instruction how to build a dog kennel

Step 1:

Calculate the size of the booth of the future, based on the dog and the size of the temperature conditions, which will be operated kennel. Note that the internal structure of the space will be very difficult to warm up, if it is rather large. Going into the kennel, the dog must be able to lie down and turn around freely. For the construction of the house for a dog, choose eco-friendly and natural materials. The best building material for this - coniferous trees, it is better simply not to find.

how to make a simple kennel for dogs

Step 2:

Paul made a double warm. To do this, take 40x40 two bars, they must be equal in size booth width. Attach them and turn the floorboard. In the corners, set and secure the four beams, the size of which must be 100x100, length equal to the height of the kennel. Leave margin 45 millimeters. Install two bars where the hole will continue (enter).

than cover the booth

Step 3:

Install the intermediate bar, equal to the height of the kennel, in the future it will be attached to the roof. Now proceed in the casing of the wooden lining, outside the frame. To do this, use galvanized nails with small heads. Pay special attention to the uprights.

booth for Russian Terrier

Step 4:

The ceiling must be removable. This is necessary in order that it may be convenient to clean kennels, processing special structures of parasites. For making use of warm ceiling beams, size 40x40. Put together from the timber perimeter and nasheyte it to the appropriate size of a sheet of plywood.

how to make a kennel for the dog with his own hands

Step 5:

Manufacturing designs Insulate using mineral wool, foam or glassine. On top of the insulation, attach the second sheet of plywood. To make it easy to remove the roof, make a small handle on it from both sides. Treat wooden battens with a special compound that will protect it from decay and fire.

Step 6:

Attach to the bottom of the kennel using a roofing stapler and nail to the bottom of the two boards (100x50). This will make the kennel more warm and provide good ventilation. In the corners and bottom of the booth nail quirk. Make manhole frame and the nut.