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How to buy a puppy

You have decided to buy a dog. Determined to breed. We decided what the floor will take the puppy. But left unresolved an important question: how to buy a puppy, you got to exactly the dog of your dreams, and not something else. Unfortunately, now there are so many unscrupulous breeders and dealers who easily passes for pedigreed dogs mestizos and frank mongrels. Therefore, to purchase a purebred puppy should be taken seriously.

How to buy a puppy

Instruction how to buy a puppy

Step 1:

Visit dog shows taking place in your city. Look dogs chosen breed. Talk to the owners of these dogs. Most dog owners are happy to tell everyone that you are interested about his dog, about the breed as a whole and will share information about dog breeders of this breed. Record all contacts breeders that you will be able to get. Visit Kennel Clubs (these are practically in every city, but not one at a time). There you will also give full details of private nurseries and breeders, who at the moment are the desired breed puppies.

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Step 2:

Having all contacts breeders phoned them, arrange to see the puppies. Do not buy a puppy from a breeder first. Make sure you see all of the proposed labels for all breeders.

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Step 3:

You can, of course, do not spend a lot of time on trips to clubs and exhibitions, and to find the right puppy for the ad in the newspaper or online. But then here you must be very careful. When buying a dog so it is likely to get to the dealers. And they, as a rule, are rarely able to offer good dogs. So when you watch the puppies, which you find on your ad, you have to show their mom (or dad if alimentary puppy).

How to buy a puppy

Step 4:

So you choose a breeder who want to buy a puppy. Be sure to ask your parents to show you the pedigree. To puppies were all required documents to them, their mother and father must have exhibition assessment not lower than "very good". You may be asked to show your diplomas from exhibitions, who visited the parents of puppies, especially if the breeder assures you that kids parents champions. If you choose a puppy breed requires for admission to the breeding of passing special training, do not hesitate to ask to show you, and certificates of such admission of trainings and for breeding.

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Step 5:

So, the issue of document authenticity and integrity of the breeder resolved. Now you can proceed to the choice of puppy. Where to begin? On that first of all pay attention to? Of course, the physical state malyshey.Schenki should look healthy and mobile. Do not believe the words that they had just woken up and was about to eat, because such sluggish. The coat should be shiny, glossy, lie flat, do not puff up hedgehog. The skin is smooth and clean. There should be no discharge from the nose, eyes and ears of the dog. Eyes shining and not dull. Look at the puppy belly. It should not be too chubby. At the point where pupochek should be expressly protuberance. All teeth in the puppy must be in place (the absence of some teeth is allowed only in the Hairless dog breeds)

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Step 6:

Now you only have to choose a puppy temperament. Do not choose the most orderly and the most humble puppy. Take each puppy at a time. Turn on your back and hold in this position. Take that puppy that bit posoprotivlyatsya and calm. A puppy who obey immediately, may in the future grow into a cowardly dog. A puppy who always dodge, trying to bite and to break, can be further difficulties in education and training, especially if it is a large dog breed service.