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How to call a snail

Plant pet, everyone thinks about, how to call it. Snail seem frivolous to many animal and do not understand, however, and she wants to come up with a decent name.

How to call a snail

Instruction how to call a snail

Step 1:

Firstly, at the snails have no gender. Since your new pet is both a boy and a girl at a time, and his name can be given to both male and female. On the one hand, you have the choice of expanding, and on the other - will now be determined even with the preferred sex.

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Step 2:

Coming up with the name of the cochlea, it can be assumed, what it looks like. Many believe that the snails are somewhat similar to kangaroos and giraffes. You may well call it a giraffe or Kanga.

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Step 3:

Everyone knows about the snails two things: they are slow and slippery. The name can beat these two properties. If the snail to you more slippery than slow, it is possible to give a name to the nozzle, if it is not contrary to your aesthetic principles. The slow movement of the cochlea can be beat by using antonyms. Quite comical and witty be called the cochlea, for example, torpedoes, or Skorokhod.

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Step 4:

Each of us has a favorite actors, writers, directors, musicians, etc. Many fans call their pets in honor of idols. It is always touching and very nice. It should be noted that in this case you should be prepared for the fact that some of this choice of name may sound sacrilegious, and familiarity with respect to the well-known person. Get ready in case anything happens to defend his point of view in a dispute with a disgruntled fan friend.

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Step 5:

The decision taken for the first time, often turns out to be the most correct. If you have just brought in a snail house and do not know what to call it, look at it carefully and try to understand what associations do you have a new pet. Perhaps it is the word that pops into your mind in the first place would be the perfect name for snails.

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Step 6:

If you do not like to think of a name for snails, you can simply call it snail. After all, to respond to his own name, it still will not.