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How to carry a kitten

Cats are among the animals that do not like to travel. They get used to the house, familiar places and all surrounding objects. However, it is sometimes necessary to move the kitten to another location, for example, to new owners or to the country. Relocate impact on the psyche of the animal is not the best way. Therefore, it is necessary to make the transportation very carefully.

How to carry a kitten

You will need:

- kitten - carrying - water - cat food

Instruction how to carry a kitten

Step 1:

First buy a special carrier for cats. It is better to do in advance. If carrying was purchased in advance, provide the opportunity to learn a kitten its new place: let him sniff it, even make your new place to sleep. Under no circumstances should not interfere with your pet, let him learn.

Step 2:

Do not feed your cat before the trip, since because of that during transport it can be bad. Gently take your pet on your hands, stroke, caress, and, speaking softly and gently to the animal, put it in a carrying. Remember that the kitten must feel the presence of his master, otherwise the animal may start a panic, so try to pay more attention to during transport: talk to him, if possible, look into the carrier, in a word, as often as possible in every way remind pet of his presence.

Step 3:

If you have already had experience of failed cases, traveling with an animal, contact your veterinarian. He will prick kitten sleeping pills, resulting in the will sleep peacefully throughout the road. Believe me, this method is much more humane than animal abuse, it is difficult transporting various travel or those who fear a catastrophic drive to carry.

Step 4:

If possible method of transportation kitten on the hands, use it. The animal so it will feel much safer and more comfortable.

Step 5:

At the end of the trip, give your pet some water, and an hour is required to feed the. In no case do not forget to follow the kitten, because for him any trip is a stress fracture. Make sure that the animal is in an unfamiliar place is not lost, it is best never to release it while walking. Once will complete adaptation to change of residence, the behavior of your cat is completely normal.