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How to carry the parrot

Surely many people at least once in his life happened an event such as crossing. Many will give you trouble this activity, especially if you except the belongings and furniture, there are pets ,, for example, parrots, because they also have to be transported. And some advice on this matter you should come in handy.

How to carry the parrot

Instruction how to carry a parrot

Step 1:

Safe passage for birds warrants conveying a special cell. It is necessary to select the size of the bird and the transmission distance. The cell can only put one of the birds that she was spacious and had happened on the way mutual injuries. If the move fell on the winter time, you need to wrap the cage with a cloth, leaving an opening for air.

Step 2:

If you have to move a short distance, then a cardboard box suitable for transportation. Suitable any box from under the machinery. Do not use boxes that store chemicals. At the bottom lay a cloth for convenience. Ensure air access.

Step 3:

Going on a journey on a train or a train, you can be transported in an ordinary parrot cage, preferably small. Cover the cage with a cloth and put on the table. From time to time, check the bird, communicate with it. Moving by road, put the cage in the back seat, and secure, to keep it from dangling.

Step 4:

In order to move over long distances, use a basket with lockable top. Attach the inside perch basket. At the bottom lay loose food and something hard such as the bullseye to the parrot did not starve.