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How to choose a cat food with urolithiasis

Your cat was diagnosed with "kidney stones"? Get ready for part of the meeting with the veterinarian monitoring the image of animal life, and even to operations. The exact algorithm for the treatment offer the doctor, and you, on the other hand, can help your pet properly organized mode of its power.

How to choose a cat food with urolithiasis

Instruction how to choose a cat food with urolithiasis

Step 1:

Discuss about the diet of the animal to the doctor. Most veterinarians recommend to start feeding balanced cat food ready. At home, you're unlikely to be able to cook nutritious food, but does not overburden the already suffered pet urinary system.

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Step 2:

The choice of food for cats suffering from urolithiasis, depends on the type-urolatov formations (rocks). The most common struvite and oxalate. The nature of their appearance is different, and therefore prevention is different. Ask what types of stones found in your cat.

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Step 3:

Universal "antimochekamennoy diet" does not exist - choosing a good diet, aimed at preventing the formation of struvite, you damage a cat with a predisposition to the formation of oxalates. If in doubt, consult with your veterinarian.

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Step 4:

Ask your doctor to recommend a certain type of food. Buy it in a small package - it is possible that your cat is not going to like this brand. Get ready for the fact that the right food is quite expensive - treatment line is only for premium brands. In addition, they will likely have to buy in veterinary pharmacies - regular pet shops and supermarkets do not sell medicated feed.

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Step 5:

Start better with wet food in bags and jars - they like most cats. However, it should pick up and the appropriate option in the dry granules. When choosing food, be sure to read the summary on the packaging - where indicated, it is the specific form of granules or canned for what type of kidney stone disease.

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Step 6:

The rate of feed intake indicated on the packaging. Try not to overfeed the animal - in his condition is bad. Provide the cat with fresh water, change it daily. Do not let the cat food on the table, excluding purchased "goodies" for the animals. To encourage the pet to use the same therapeutic food.

Step 7:

It is possible that eating without any problems, once your cat suddenly refuses to eat. Single skipping meals is not a problem. Suggest another type of pet food, replacing, for example, in the "drying" canned. Or try to pick up a product from another manufacturer. Change of marks for safety of animals. The main thing - pick feed on packages which are clearly identified diagnosis of your animal.

Step 8:

Keep in mind that diet is appointed for life with urolithiasis. Even if your cat tests improved, do not put it on an ordinary table or feed an economy class. The disease may return. According to vets, more than 50% of recurrence of urolithiasis due to non-compliance is assigned diet.