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How to choose a healthy puppy

You have decided to get a dog! Now it is important to determine the breed of dog, it will solve a boy or a girl and, of course, not to be mistaken with the choice of the baby. Not so much this applies to the exterior, as the puppy's health.

How to choose a healthy puppy

Instruction how to choose a healthy puppy

Step 1:

Firstly? look at the baby's behavior. A healthy puppy is active, agile. You understand that if the animal feeling well, he was not to igr.Malysh should not be fearful or aggressive. You can hold a simple test: Clap your hands or drop to the floor keychain. Balanced puppy for a moment on his guard, and then calmly return to his studies. If your dog excessively fearful or aggressive, it is better not to take - maybe his character will not change in the future.

How to choose a good puppy Spitz

Step 2:

Now proceed to the evaluation of the physical condition of the puppy. Eyes should be clean, shiny, without tearing and pus. Inspect the third century of inflammation, in some species, this problem occurs. Ears healthy puppy - pale pink and clean. They should not smell. If the kid shakes his head and ears, it not excluded the presence of ear mites. Mucous should also be bright pink. If they are pale shade, perhaps a puppy is sick or zaglistovan. Inspect the abdomen. It should be smooth. Bloated tummy is often an indication that the dog has worms. Check for a hernia.

How to choose a puppy Chinese Crested dog

Step 3:

Inspect the skin and fur. The coat should be smooth and shiny. Although many puppies are still kids down, which does not shine. Healthy skin - clean, free from wounds, ulcers. Anus and genitals should be clean, fur under the tail are not stuck together.

Step 4:

In addition to the inspection of the puppy, take a look at his mother. Ask the breeder than it ever hurt. Some diseases are inherited, such as hip dysplasia. If from this breeding pair previously had puppies, it is good to look at them. As seed is easier to determine what can be your puppy, than by the parents.