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How to choose a kitten British

Kittens are very nice, beautiful and moving animals. They fill any home atmosphere of comfort and kindness. Today there is a huge number of offers to purchase these pets, but to choose a kitten Briton is not easy.

How to choose a kitten British

Instruction how to choose a kitten British

Step 1:

Decide what you want the class kitten - show, breed or Pet.Shou - a spectacular exhibition animals with character - calm and patient. Outwardly, they comply with the standards of the breed. To identify the kitten show class, you should wait for the first exhibition. There he makes the entire breed-class krase.Kotyata are of special interest for breeding. They also have a standard appearance, good health, and may receive titles of exhibitions. But unlike animals show class, always have a good inheritance. Therefore, be sure to check their pet rodoslovnuyu.Britantsev class acquired exclusively for the soul. They may have some defects, which do not allow them to participate in exhibitions. For example, a hooked tail or monorchism. Some kittens meet all standards of appearance, but have an aggressive or impatient character.

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Step 2:

Age kitten, you want to take, it should be at least three months. Up to this point it needs care and mother's milk.

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Step 3:

Before you choose a kitten British, inspect it. Healthy animal fur should be thick and clean without any bald spots. Check that on the ears and on the mucous tissue sections no redness, sores and pus. Bad sign is lethargy and extinct eyes.

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Step 4:

Check the kitten veterinary passport, which must be specified information about vaccinations made it at the age of eight and ten weeks.

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Step 5:

Before you choose a kitten British, study his pedigree. Ideal - when all the tribes of encoding is specified BRI. Often there are PER encodings, EXO and EUR, which means experimental matings to Persians and exotics in the pedigree.

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Step 6:

Choosing a kitten British, pay attention to the cost. It is quite high and can not be below a certain threshold. For example, the price of the animals show class is 1,000 dollars, breed class - from 500 to 1000, and Pat-class - from 200 to 500.