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How to choose a puppy

In the world there are so many breeds of dogs that can be difficult to believe that a huge St. Bernard and a tiny toy terrier of the same species - Canis Familiaris. Different breeds differ not only in size and appearance, but also character, patterns of behavior, certain qualities. It is not necessary when choosing a dog to focus on short-lived fashion. You choose a dog for yourself, for your character, not for one season, and for many, many years.

How to choose a puppy

Instruction how to choose a puppy

Step 1:

Do not choose a dog that requires active pastime, if you are not ready for a long walk at a fast pace. Such as the fox terrier breed, golden retriever, German Shepherd or Jack Russell Terrier, do not fit a man who loves home comfort and peace. Discard the hunting breeds, if you do not fancy a night without warm cozy sofas.

how to determine what breed of dog

Step 2:

Do not take a security or a hunting breed, if you do not plan to seriously deal with her upbringing. Greyhounds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, beagles are absolutely not suitable for the role of the sitting dog and become real neurotics without proper training.

breed of dog is the kind

Step 3:

Think about how much time you can spend at home? If your daily routine does not allow prolonged contact with the dog, give up the security of rocks. In the absence of your dog may try to take the place of the alpha leader and become a threat to children and old people in your family. Returning from a long day trip, you can catch a dangerous and totally uncontrollable dog.

how do you know what kind of parody of the dog

Step 4:

Decide why you need a dog. For nature walks, for the protection of the private home or the publication of different breeds need. This will significantly reduce the list of selected breeds.

How to choose a good puppy Spitz

Step 5:

Be sure to note the presence in the house of small children or the prospect of their appearance. Many fighting breeds are focused on continuing to fight for a place in the pack. And it is the children will be the first object of aggression. Do not believe the acquaintance whose two-year son gets along well with good pit bull terrier. A small child will always provoke the dog. A dog fighting breeds - a loaded gun, with which you should be able to handle, and handle very carefully. Not worth the risk.

How to choose a puppy Chinese Crested dog

Step 6:

Think how much time you are willing to pay for the care of a dog, whether you are willing to tolerate clumps of dog hair, the rolling on the floor? Such rocks as a dachshund or Great Dane Dalmatians require little grooming and Afghan hounds, poodles and retrievers need careful combing or grooming.

Step 7:

Think about the reaction of neighbors and the degree of insulation of the walls of his apartment. There are rock, silent, like a boxer or a German shepherd, and very noisy, for example, a fox terrier, dachshund or lapdog. If the dog for a long time will be at home alone, she will inevitably object of concern for others. Little puppy can loud howl or bark to attract attention.

Step 8:

Consider the features of your habitat. Do you near your home park, vacant lot, dog playground, where you can pull the dog off the leash? Please note, some dogs are most often found you while walking.

Step 9:

Do not hesitate to ask dog breeders and breeders. Let each of them will praise his breed, pay attention to the people. It not accidentally noticed that over time, the owner and the pet become similar. Consider whether you enjoy it to communicate with the owner of a taxi or chow, and whether you are willing to do to become a little bit like a selected breed of dog.