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How to choose a puppy Doberman

Dobermans - strong, agile, hardy, graceful and loyal dogs to their owners. Despite the fact that the Doberman is a great hunter of small animals, an excellent guard and fighter, for many people - it is, above all, a true friend and a family member. Select a Doberman puppy, just like any other purebred dog, you need to correct.

How to choose a puppy Doberman

Instruction how to choose a puppy Doberman

Step 1:

First of all, decide whom you would like to see in your home: the winner of the largest exhibitions, a reliable protector, companion or just a loyal friend. But at the same time, remember that the first thing your puppy must be bold and healthy dog ​​with a good balanced psyche.

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Step 2:

Gender puppy Doberman choose at its discretion. If you wish to see in your home affectionate, gentle and attentive dog, give preference to the girl. If you dream of a tall, stately, formidable fellow, no doubt choose a male Doberman.

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Step 3:

Ask the breeder about the habits and characteristics of each character offered for sale baby. With this information, you will be able to draw a conclusion about how the puppy will grow.

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Step 4:

Very carefully inspect the exterior of all the breeder of Doberman puppies. If they are clean, well maintained, with shiny hair, choose the most you liked the kid.

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Step 5:

Make sure that you like the puppy is healthy. White spots on the skin, bright eyes, twisted limbs - the most common defects of Dobermans. Be sure to check whether the puppy umbilical hernia. Hernia - it is not a vice of a Doberman, but its presence is a dog highly undesirable.

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Step 6:

Remember that a good Doberman puppy must have strong bones, broad back and chest, almost square body, rather long neck, wide jaw, well-defined chin and dark eyes. Bright tan Doberman puppy - this is the first sign of his good immune system. Healthy baby you know by clear eyes, a shiny coat, good appetite, mobility and joie de vivre.