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How to choose a puppy French Bulldog

French Bulldog - very cheerful and agile dog, although it may at times quarreling. They love to meet the guests, friendly to strangers. However, in case of danger, the little dog will make all their efforts to ensure that protect the owner and his family. In relation to other cats and dogs, French Bulldogs tend to behave aggressively. Choose French Bulldog puppy should be monitored closely.

How to choose a puppy French Bulldog

Instruction how to choose a puppy French Bulldog

Step 1:

When choosing a French Bulldog puppy look on his appearance. Tummy baby should be soft and elastic, not bloated. The coat should be shiny and clean skin without acne and crusts.

Step 2:

Pay special attention to examination of the ears and eyes puppy. French Bulldog Ears should be clean. Black in them a sign of tick otitis. Eyes dogs should be one color, without purulent discharge. Purulent eyes french bulldog show, as a rule, the presence of conjunctivitis and even viral infections.

Step 3:

Be sure to check out the baby's mouth. Mucous should be pink, not whitish plaque. Feel nose dog. It should be black and wet. We spotted pups nose is painted, usually in 3-5 months.

Step 4:

Make sure that the puppy was not the inguinal or umbilical hernia, and redness in the perianal area. In addition, make sure the dog is in good hearing. The kid has to turn his head to the side, even a weak sound source.

Step 5:

Weight, breast volume and the number of teeth in the French Bulldog puppy should correspond to his age. Make sure the dog's teeth were straight. In addition, make sure that the puppy has a corresponding standard bite breed. The incisors of the lower jaw of the French Bulldog should be placed in front of the incisors of the upper jaw.

Step 6:

The tabs at the French Bulldog should be smooth, without any distortion. Pay attention to the baby's ribs. They should not be "beads".

Step 7:

Before you choose one or another of French Bulldog puppy, watch the kids all the litter. The only way you will know which of the dogs has a calm nature, and which aims to take a leading position. Pick an animal according to its way of life and nature. It is believed that the puppy, running up to you first and ask to play with him, it is for you and designed.