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How to choose a puppy Husky

Among dog owners, beginners and experienced, is gaining popularity is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, namely - Huskies. It is no coincidence, because in spite of its northern character, nice dog, and perhaps no one breed is not able to compete with them in kindness. That's just to buy the first got a puppy of this breed is still not worth it. By choosing a healthy pet with you is required qualities must be approached carefully.

How to choose a puppy Husky

Instruction how to choose a puppy Husky

Step 1:

Decide that, for what purpose you get a pet. Do you want to put it on the exhibitions or to organize a kind of kennel at home. Or maybe you just like Husky puppies, and you do not interest titles and pedigree. All this must be taken into account when selecting the first pup.

How to choose a puppy husky when buying

Step 2:

Look at nursery sites available on the Internet, please contact the breeders, if possible - arrange a personal meeting. So you can find out as much information about the puppies breeders breed Husky in your city. And remember that a good breeder is not so easy to buy a puppy, because it is often in such puppies turn formed before birth.

to care for a puppy Husky

Step 3:

Choose a puppy from breeders who raise a small amount of dogs, it's a sure sign that the attitude towards the puppies from these people really warm and thoughtful. These puppies will be better able to adapt to new conditions and better resist training.

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Step 4:

Have a look at the puppy is not standing on the table, as it often offer breeders and in vivo. So you can really appreciate the performance of its health and development in general. You can also ask for repeatedly coming to the breeder, it will allow your puppy to get used to you and not carry so tragic separation from parents.

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Step 5:

Keep in mind that the husky puppies as early as 8 weeks are formed in such a way that an experienced dog breeder can you say for sure about the future development of the proportions and dogs. And in 3 months you are able to evaluate your posture and movement puppy. In general, it is worth noting that the main qualitative characteristics Husky breed dog is medium height, ease of movement, soft fur, and a perfect balance of body proportions. If you noticed in puppies any discrepancy between the above indicators - in front of you or poorly groomed puppies or puppies, no different breed purity.

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