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How to choose a Scottish kitten

Choosing a kitten can be complicated by the fact that each breed has certain standards. And some of the distinctive features can be defined only specialist. If you do not intend to submit a kitten at the exhibitions, you can choose the pet with the observance of all procedures.

How to choose a Scottish kitten

Instruction how to choose a Scottish kitten

Step 1:

Scottish cat breed is now popular because of its distant relatives - the British cats. Although it is absolutely different breeds of cats, they consist in a rock group and have similar symptoms. Scottish cats are cheaper British, and if you want to have a "teddy bear" for real money, Scottish just what you need.

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Step 2:

Scottish cat's ears are different in appearance. There are cats with erect ears - striate, and the «Fold» - fold. Last are popular because of the unusually shaped ears. Although such a structure emerged as a result of mutation and was considered a defect, it is now a free-standing rock.

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Step 3:

Ears "fold" cat flattened to the head, they are wide and hang forward and down. Due to the shape of the ears of these cats have a slightly surprised look, wide-set eyes and a flat skull shape.

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Step 4:

When choosing a kitten note wool. It should be short, thick, healthy appearance. Allows different colors of fur from monochrome to bicolor and tabby. Wool is a healthy kitten should be soft to the touch, shiny without bald patches and roll places.

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Step 5:

Scottish are fairly large and skeletal development. They have a large head on a short neck, muscular legs, sinewy physique.

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Step 6:

Kitten taken not earlier than two months, some breeders give the age of three months after the first vaccination. The breeder is obliged to give you guidance on the content and nutrition kitten and issue documents certifying its origin. These papers give breeders club, but the price of the kittens in places is much higher.

Step 7:

When choosing a kitten be sure to look at his mother-cat. It should have a healthy look and all the features of the breed. A responsible breeder will show and a photo of Pope, and documents proving the pedigree cat if it is. Do not hesitate to ask for veterinary passport-cat mother with a note on vaccination. All this is a guarantee that you will sell healthy animals.