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How to choose a service dog

Service dogs, as opposed to hunting and decorative, different strength, muscularity, agility, endurance, unpretentiousness, and also have a great flair. They are distrustful of strangers, angry, brave, aggressive, loyal to his master and well trainable. The most common service breed - a German Shepherd, Doberman, Boxer, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer and the Airedale.

How to choose a service dog

Instruction how to choose a service dog

Step 1:

First of all, if you need it to properly select the right breed of working dog, think. Service dog justify their best qualities only if you plan to use it for the investigation, guard, rescue or military service, as a guide for the blind, for the sport, to protect you, your family and your home from detractors. To maintain a large working dogs, need a large apartment or house, it is obligatory for a good training. Although these dogs perfectly amenable to training, possible flaws in her upbringing can cause aggressive behavior of your pet against weaker family members - children, elderly and frail relatives.

Step 2:

If you are going to purchase a service dog as a gift to his son or daughter choose their dog, a Doberman, Boxer and Schnauzer. This so-called service-dog racing. They, especially females, are quiet and docile nature and will become a good friend of the teenager of 13-14 years or more. Young child to buy a dog there is no sense - it will not be able to educate and house trained well it will not be able to become a master in her eyes. As a result, the dog or the owner chooses itself, or will not listen to anyone.

Step 3:

If the dog is purchased in order to safeguard and protect the apartment, then this will suit almost all breeds of dogs. It is important to carefully just to train him, to at one point your weapon does not become unmanageable. It is advisable to go with a puppy full course (and not one) training in a club or school dog. Remember: the dog-bodyguard, is a danger to others, so in need of specific education.

Step 4:

Many people who want to buy a dog has no desire to spend more time and energy on cleaning wool in the house. In this case, select a short-haired breed - Airedale or the Giant Schnauzer. On the other hand, these dogs need a haircut or plucking wool (trimming) twice a year. Also note that many official breed in need of relieving the ears and tail. After such an operation pet for some time will be required special care, including at night.

Step 5:

Do not leave without attention to the sex of a four-legged friend. Males Obstinate, stubborn and prone to leadership. Become the master of the service dog breeds can only be a person with a strong character. Females are softer, calm and affectionate and does not require a "curb", but twice a year requires special attention on walks because of the seasonal heat. However, gender differences are very conventional. There are a bitch to the nature of males and males with females character.

Step 6:

We know that all dogs need daily two or three times a day paddocks. However, Dobermans and Schnauzers dogam require longer walks to demanding workloads. If they will not run in the street, they would be too much sporting home.

Step 7:

Also, if you do not have dog training experience, do not start yourself the following breeds: the South Russian, Caucasian and Central Asian shepherd dogs and fighting breeds. The fact is that in the process of removing these rocks into account only their service quality or Fighting. Property subjugate man have poorly developed. A little more docile Rottweiler. Perfectly trained to happen and hosts collie, Airedales, boxers, Dobermans, Riesenschnauzers. Ideal obedient Eastern European and German Shepherds.