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How to choose healthy budgerigar to buy?

We decided to have a corrugated other? How not to be mistaken with a choice and buy healthy bird?

How to choose healthy budgerigar to buy?

Instruction how to choose healthy budgerigar to buy?

Step 1:

Look closely at the behavior of parrots in a cage. A healthy bird is active, it does not sit huddled in a corner and does not sleep, ruffling feathers. Alert, if the bird is constantly scratched.

Step 2:

When defined with a choice, pay attention to bird feathers. Feathers should be clean, tight to the body, without the bald patches.

Step 3:

Look at the parrot's beak. It should be clean, smooth, without build-up, the correct form. Nadklyuvya males blue, females pink or brownish. The nostrils of the same size.

Step 4:

Eyes budgerigar give his age. The young birds are black with no halo. Birds older appears bright ring around the edges of the eyes.

Step 5:

The legs should be clean, symmetrical. Each finger has to be a healthy nail without disturbing the bird sitting on a perch. Any build-up, peeling on the legs should be alerted.

Step 6:

bird breathing should be noiseless. Whistling and wheezing can be a symptom of colds.

Step 7:

Before making a final decision, watch the parrot. Activity, sociability and availability of appetite - good signs.