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How to clean a horse

Horses have always been loyal assistants and reliable friends of man. Afford such an animal can not all, but horse riding in the equestrian club can practically everyone. In addition to riding a horse, the rider need to master the care of her, and including, need to learn how to clean a horse correctly.

How to clean a horse

You will need:

To clean the need of tools. It is a plastic and soft rubber groomer, soft brush with natural bristles, stiff brush. In addition, the need to massage brush with plastic is not very long teeth, massager from rubber or soft plastic, sukonka or sponge, cloth or paper towels. More needs to be small and a large bucket hook and hoof brush.

Instruction how to clean a horse

Step 1:

So the horse is best to clean the streets or intersections. If you clean it in a stall, all the dust and dirt will remain the same. Horses have to breathe it, it is unlikely that it is useful for the organism.

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Step 2:

First, you need to bring a horse to the isolation and tie it so that she was comfortable. It can not be left to the interchanges long (more than 3 minutes), therefore please prepare every needful thing.

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Step 3:

Cleaning usually start on the left side. If the horse is very dirty, then whisk stiff brush land and sand. Thereafter, the plastic groomer need to go through the entire body of the animal, except for the muzzle, spine, legs below the hock and pastern. First, walk against the grain, then - in the direction of its growth. Groomer periodically need to knock on the floor. If necessary, repeat the procedure. This is followed by a circular motion, but the rubber groomer. If the horse does not mind, it is possible to gently scratch the face.

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Step 4:

Next, the body of the horse should be careful to walk massagers, not pushing hard.

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Step 5:

Then dismantle the mane and tail. Mane comb plastic brush thoroughly and tail disassembled by hand or using a stiff brush with natural long nap. First collect the tip of the tail into a fist and gently comb, then gently on strands, comb the entire tail.

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Step 6:

Now take the left hand a soft brush, and in the right - groomer. Start with a clean neck. the following actions: Move the brush against the grain, and then in the same place in the direction of hair growth, and clean the brush on the groomer. After about 20 such movements every groomer knock out on the floor.

Step 7:

At the end of a good scrub brush on the groomer and set the latest. Stand facing the horse and take her for a portable or naschechny halter strap. Gently brush the forehead, cheeks, neck, ears, snoring, and between the ears. Thereafter raskryuchkuyte hoof, that is, to remove dirt, earth, manure hoof special hook and brush sweep hoof.

Step 8:

Wear rubber gloves, wet a cloth in a small bucket and wipe the sexual organs of a horse. The bucket can be pre-dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate. You also need to clean the inner surface of the tail. At the end of cleaning, you can walk through the wool sukonkoy rinse aid.

Step 9:

Horse cleaned and ready again to carry you on his strong back.