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How to clean teeth York

Following the acquisition of Yorkshire Terrier breeders to inevitably raises the issue of pet health. Some dogs are winners of numerous exhibitions and are particularly important for oral hygiene. How to properly clean the teeth of your pet, and when to do it, to get to know right away, even before the purchase of the dog.

How to clean teeth York

Instruction how to clean teeth York

Step 1:

First you need to wait for the appearance of the first milk teeth. At the age of 3-4 months, you can teach the dog to oral hygiene. To do this, moisten the gauze and wipe the gums twice a day - morning and evening. Sometimes, the teeth begin to grow in two rows, but this should not be a cause for concern if the dog does not exhibit.

brush your teeth dog

Step 2:

Good help tomato juice or eating tomatoes. These products prevent the occurrence of tartar and plaque on teeth York. Failure to comply with hygiene involves bad dog breath. As a precaution, make good use of artificial bones, carrots or crackers.

how to brush your teeth dog house

Step 3:

You have to buy a special toothbrush for dogs at a pet store. They are long, with bristles arranged in two rows and is worn on the human finger. Soft bristle impact on the gums has a massaging effect and stimulates the growth of permanent teeth. We need to buy toothpaste for dogs. There are means with various additives such as a meat flavor or peppermint. The latter do not really like puppies. These pastes do not require rinsing with water, you can eat them and they do not contain substances that will act negatively on the digestive system Yorkshire terrier.

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Step 4:

After the change of teeth (older than 7 months) New York, for the prevention of tartar should be given once a week with the addition of bone chlorophyll.

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Step 5:

You can use a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice, to be rubbed into the gums York every day, and give him the apples. You can use this structure: a few drops of iodine mix with a spoon of baking soda, add water and rub the gum composition and this dog's teeth.

when the first bathing York

Step 6:

Accustom York to brushing teeth should be gradual. To begin to be interested in a pet, for example, give him a delicious meal from the hands for three weeks and at the same time to touch his face several times a day. Then, try to push the lips and teeth to touch your finger. Thereafter, should encourage the dog. Such manipulations should could move up until york not expose the jaw and do not provide free access to it cleaners.

Step 7:

Develop a ritual of brushing your teeth, for example, in the morning in the bathroom. Brush your teeth in the morning, along with a dog, in the evening, repeat this procedure. Yorkies have a good memory and quickly memorize the sequence of host actions.