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How to cure a dog from distemper

Distemper - a viral disease, which, theoretically, can get sick dogs of any age, but most often it ill puppies under the age of one year. This is due to the immature immune systems, intensive growth, the change of teeth and many other factors. Carriers of the virus may be birds, other animals, insects, man. The most acute disease occurs in unvaccinated puppies at a time when the street begins paddock. Special medicines for the treatment of viral distemper does not exist. It held a series of measures that aim to reduce side effects and recovery of the affected organs.

How to cure a dog from distemper

Instruction how to cure a dog from distemper

Step 1:

The first signs of distemper may include: loss of appetite, restlessness or lethargy, dry nose and profuse discharge from the nose and eyes. Dog tries to hide, hide in a corner, does not respond to host the call. There may be diarrhea, vomiting, fever, convulsions, seizures, fainting. In the form of whole body skin blisters.

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Step 2:

As soon as the first signs of the disease appeared, immediately consult a veterinary clinic or call a specialist at home. Distemper can carry lightning character and the slightest delay will lead to the death of the animal.

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Step 3:

The virus affects all the tissues and organs of the body, so treatment is aimed at maintaining vital functions. Veterinary specialist will introduce dog methenamine, glucose, sodium chloride, calcium gluconate, diphenhydramine, ascorbic acid. The solution was administered intravenously by drip or spray.

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Step 4:

Depending on the condition of the animal and the defeat of various organs can be assigned Neostigmine, furosemide, Mydocalmum, strychnine, finlipsin and antibiotics: norsulfazol, gentamicin, chloramphenicol, etc.

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Step 5:

Additionally, introduced specific serum, immunomodulators, vitamins. distemper treatment is carried out for two to three weeks.

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Step 6:

During treatment, the dog can be given cheese, ground beef, egg, milk.

Step 7:

People distemper treatment is that the dog's mouth poured ordinary vodka. Depending on the weight of the dog, the dose may be from 100 to 300 g Very often, this method helps but does not warrant recovery. Most often, this is done in villages and practiced on simple yard dogs.

Step 8:

For the prevention of distemper should instill a puppy at the age of 2.5-3 months. For the immunizations should contact the veterinary clinic.