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How to cut cocker

Cocker spaniels are very beautiful dog, but this beauty is necessary to support timely haircut. On average, they must be cut 3-5 times a year. canine Barber cost is very expensive, besides the touch of another human - stress for your pet. Therefore, self-grooming is a very good option.

How to cut cocker

You will need:

Clipper; Ordinary scissors; Thinning scissors; Comb.

Instruction how to cut cocker

Step 1:

Haircut cocker should start with the head. Carefully cut out machine forehead and bridge of the nose of the dog towards the nose. Then cut out the cheeks, the edge nozzles carefully remove the hair under the eyes. Very carefully cut out lips - do not hurt the dog, and not accidentally cut off his mustache. Then, remove the excess on the chin, bottom and sides of the neck, at the same time carefully treat the area around the ear canal. Then enjoy a back part of the neck. Next, you will very difficult moment - haircut ears. The base of the ears, too short shear machine and the six wavy on the ear leaf need to trim the thinning shears to make it a beautiful wave subsided down. The inside of the ear should be cut out a little stronger than the outside, or can form mats.

how to cut cocker spaniel

Step 2:

When the head is processed, it is time to move on to the body. On the chest, back and sides of the upper half of the wool should also be short, so that once again resorting to the clippers. You then need thinning shears to form the transition to the long fur on the belly. Do not worry, with a special tool is very easy to do. The most important thing - to observe the symmetry. With this complexity may be the first time.

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Step 3:

The belly fur is left long, but it does not mean that it is not necessary to do. Its definitely need to carefully trim thinning shears to make it the same length, and did not touch the ground.

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Step 4:

Paws Cocker can be cut in two ways - to remove hair at the front and the side, leaving a wave on the back, or thinning shears to form a fluffy "trousers" of long hair. But in any case it is necessary to process the lower part of the legs. For this vystrigite ordinary scissors wool between your fingers, and strands covering his fingers on top, trim the semicircle.

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Step 5:

The final touch - the processing of the tail. To begin shortly Shear inner part of the tail and the space underneath. This is done not only for aesthetic, but also for hygienic purposes. Then either thinning shears Trim the wool on the outside and form a smooth transition from the back to the fluffy tail, or using machines trim the it completely.