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How to cut your nails in pigs

Guinea pigs - quite undemanding animal, but certain rules of caring for them still exist. For example, these animals should be periodically trimmed nails. Grow, claws begin to curl. This can lead to curvature of the fingers, injury, paws, moreover, with long claws animal just uncomfortable to walk. To conduct the procedure should be as required, on average, about once a month.

How to cut your nails in pigs

You will need:

nail file, nail clipper. Manicure or ordinary scissors can not be used, since they contribute to the bundle claw animal.

Instruction how to trim claws pigs

Step 1:

In guinea pigs, four fingers on the front feet and three - in the rear. When trimming the claws on its hind legs should be left slightly longer than the front. Also, remember that the crop guinea pig nails should be at a certain angle to the paw could easily rest on the surface.

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Step 2:

Getting haircut claws, take a pig in her arms, and then expand back to itself, while supporting the foot. Trim nails definitely need a good light. It is convenient to carry out the procedure of the lamp to be able to see the claws to the light - it will help to see the blood vessels, which in any case can not be hurt by shearing. Shortening the claws can be used only within the transparent area, as if you will touch a vessel starts bleeding. A few drops of blood rolled quickly, but discomfort in pigs still remain. The wound will heal for a long time, it will cause a lot of inconvenience to your pet. Pay particular attention should be trimmed claws pigs with dark color, since the vessels in their claws are practically invisible. If possible, use a saw to shorten the claws dark pigs. If nails are not too long, just use a nail file, but if this is not enough, the nail clipper, cut the nails carefully, millimeter by millimeter removing the regrown nail.

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Step 3:

Mow claws guinea pig in a timely manner, do not let them grow too long, because the longer the nail, the longer it becomes, and the blood vessel. Thus, if you miss the time of shearing, then later you will have to leave the claws longer than you would like.

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