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How to cut your Pekingese

Pekingese - one of the most popular dog breeds for home detention in urban apartments. His popularity Pekingese won thanks to its compact size and low weight, as well as the friendly nature and sociability. In addition, Pekingese do not require much exercise and long walks, so they can contain even pensioners and people with disabilities. One of the main advantages of these dogs outside is a beautiful thick coat. Not surprisingly, it requires constant and quality care - grooming. To facilitate the grooming can make a Pekingese haircut.

How to cut your Pekingese

You will need:

- Scissors - Clipper

Instruction how to cut Pekingese

Step 1:

Before mowing Pekingese need to stock up on the corresponding instrument - quality barber scissors (better if they are to stand for the finger to the hand tired not so quickly) or a special clipper dogs.

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Step 2:

Then you need to prepare the wool for shearing Pekingese: thoroughly wash, dry and comb.

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Step 3:

And finally, find a suitable place for a hairstyle that is convenient for you and your pet. Better if it will be a small table, the dog was at the level of your waist or a little higher.

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Step 4:

For Pekingese there are no universal standards for haircuts, so every breeder is free to choose to your taste. Many people prefer to maintain the original appearance of the Pekingese, sostrig only the minimum necessary amount of wool that will not rub off during walks. In this case it is enough to cut the hair on the abdomen (desired length) on the legs (the so-called "pants" and elbows), and the ears if the wool gets to the floor and prevents the dog.

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Step 5:

Another common hairstyle for the Pekingese is a haircut "on a puppy." Making it more convenient with the help of a special machine. In this embodiment the sheared wool around the dog's body to the same length. It is recommended to leave at least 1.5-2 cm, because Pekingese not tolerate very short haircuts. With regard to the muzzle and tail, then here you can give free rein to their imagination, making your dog unique! For example, you can adjust the length of wool on the ears, making the Pekingese "square" or, on the contrary, leaving her longer to braid funny "tails". It is also unusual, you can cut and tail. Some people prefer bushy tail, while others leave only the tassel on the end. And to your Pekingese tal quite like a lion, he sostrig uniform "mane" around the muzzle slightly longer than the rest of the coat. Make a beautiful and unusual haircut Pekingese is simple, important not to forget that in the new look should please not only you but also your pet.

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