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How to determine pregnancy hamster

Hamsters - very popular pets. They were fun to watch, and care does not require much effort. Many are engaged in breeding hamsters. But inexperienced breeder to determine pregnancy hamster quite difficult.

How to determine pregnancy hamster

Instruction how to determine pregnancy hamster

Step 1:

To see if your female hamster is pregnant or not, you need to know some features of the breeding of these animals. To begin with - the age of the hamster. The female should be at least 4 months. The male can be a little younger - 3-3.5 months of age. If rodents are younger - pregnancy is not likely to happen.

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Step 2:

It is better if the animals will live in different cells and meet only to mate. This is due to the fact that hamsters in principle, do not tolerate the presence of strangers in their shelter. Therefore, the female plant to the male only at the time of mating. And then transfer it to their usual habitat.

How to determine pregnancy hamster

Step 3:

Pregnancy lasts 16-20 days depending on the type of rodent. But to define it by their appearance is very difficult. Only small hamsters Dzhungarian smooth rocks there is a small tummy at the end of gestation. And here at the fluffy, farmed animals pregnancy is not seen. Only one way out - watch. If after 16-20 days after the alleged conception, a female began to search the nooks, hiding, equip slot - so soon childbirth. If not - binding was unsuccessful, try again.

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Step 4:

Hamsters usually 6-8 cubs are born. Sadly, young females often do not perceive them as their offspring. They may refuse to feed babies milk or even eat them, perceived as something alien. Prevent this does not work. Just born hamsters absolutely helpless, they are naked and blind. And if to transplant them into a single cell, they simply die. Therefore, during lambing try not to go near the female's house. A better move the cage in a quiet place. In no case do not touch the newborn! Having sensed a strange smell, mother can simply kill them.

How to determine pregnancy hamster

Step 5:

After about 10 days, hamsters become virtually self-sufficient. They start trying to feed adult and less often eat their mother's milk. Do not miss this moment! How can often change the water in sippy cups and put in a cage enough food. Do not forget about the fruits and vegetables. They are very tasty, and so popular with the kids.

How to determine pregnancy hamster

Step 6:

Search for new home young as possible after the first month of life. During this period, the hamsters are older and will gain independence. In addition, they will soon begin to share the territory, and it will lead to fights and quarrels. So do not delay in finding new owners for your animals.