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How to determine that the kitten worms

Domestic cats often suffer from a variety of diseases. Before you visit the veterinarian, some diseases can be recognized on their own and try to ease the life of the animal. Worms or worms - parasites that are often found in cats. There are a number of grounds on which we can determine that the animal is infected with parasites.

How to determine that the kitten worms

Instruction how to determine that the kitten worms

Step 1:

In young kittens worms appear very often. Try to take this possibility very seriously, because the parasites can be transmitted from animals to people. A special risk group - young children. So try to carefully observe the kitten, registering the changes in his behavior.

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Step 2:

If possible, at the first sign of inadequate graying animal vet visit. At the clinic he will do all the necessary tests, and you will know it is infected or not. If you do have parasites, the doctor immediately prescribe appropriate treatment.

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Step 3:

To suspect the appearance of worms in the kitten will allow close monitoring of its behavior. Look, do not appear if certain strangeness in ordinary everyday games. Perhaps he began to take a bite the root of the tail, or actively ride backwards on the floor. These actions may be indicative of infection with worms.


Step 4:

Look at the kitten. If the animal is strongly irritated anal area, and thus of the eye is constantly flowing pus, then there is reason to suspect that something was wrong. It is also an occasion to look at the animal's feces: worms often go along with vomit or stool. In a sick cat feces can go to the blood.

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Step 5:

Notice how the kitten is eating, and if he gets better at this. An indication of the presence of parasites may be the depletion of the animal with a very good appetite. This cat's belly may look quite distended, and when palpation kitten reaction will be understood that it hurt.

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Step 6:

Even if no sign of infection kitten you can not find, it is still definitely give it a anthelminthic drug for prevention. Remember that little kitten appearance of worms is a serious disease, which can even lead to death.