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How to determine the age of the bird parrot

Corella - one of the most popular kinds of pet parrots in Russia. They are much larger than budgies, but it is quite unpretentious in care and are much longer to please their masters, because they live from 5 to 15 years. However, if you are not well versed in parrots, with the purchase you can shove known adult bird, or, conversely, a very young chick. To avoid such situations, read the instructions.

How to determine the age of the bird parrot

Instruction how to determine the age of the bird parrot

Step 1:

Look at the parrot's beak. In adult birds it is uniform in color and darker, may have peeling or growths. Young cockatiels have a bright beak with no visible flaws and irregularities. The color cere in young gray-pink hue. You can also pay attention to the legs. In adults they parrot like beak, much darker, the young, on the contrary, almost pink with delicate scales smooth and neat nails. As the birds grow older, your nails on legs stiffen and grow, and the color changes to gray or almost black.

Step 2:

Look closely at the feathers on the bird's head. If an adult parrot, all feathers tuft will lie flat, beautifully curving towards the end. Young parrots can not yet boast finalize plumage, which is why they can be easily distinguished from adults by the feathers on the tuft. If on top of a parrot feathers straightened, and not very much - it is a sure sign that the bird is young. Also you can see in between tuft young parrots feathers tube from the new feathers that have not yet deployed.

Step 3:

If you want to buy a color mutation Corell, here it is difficult to determine the age, focusing on the shape and size of the feathers. So you also have to look at the cere and legs. Painting Parrots of these rocks completely formed only by the age of 2 years, so until that time it is very difficult to determine exactly how the final adult plumage of the birds will look like.