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How to display the wool of a cat

Cats - very clean establishment. When licking they invariably swallowed part of its wool. This usually does not cause problems in cats with short hair, but if your pitomitsy owner of a long coat, you need to take care of regular breeding fur from the stomach in order to avoid health problems.

How to display the wool of a cat

You will need:

-special comb; -shampun for animals; -pasta to remove wool; -cat mint.

Instruction how to get the wool of a cat

Step 1:

excessive "Eating" wool most often occurs during molting animal. Cat hair tends to accumulate in the stomach, which can lead to problems with the digestion, constipation, and even blockage of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Step 2:

In order to avoid unfortunate consequences, need to regularly take care of the pet hair. During molting every day to comb your cat special combs. In normal times Murka combed at least twice a week.

shampoos from molting

Step 3:

With abundant molt can proceed as follows: Wet the coat cat, and then comb comb it. Then wash hair in the usual zoo-shampoo. Thus, you can mechanically remove a significant portion of dead hair.

removal of wool from the stomach of the cat video

Step 4:

The cat has a natural mechanism to get rid of wool - regurgitation. Therefore, never scold for this animal, because it is a physiological process that cleanses the stomach of wool balls.

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Step 5:

If you see that when washing the animal continues to swallow large amounts of hair, then you need to purchase at the pet store special paste, which is designed for the dissolution of the wool in the gastrointestinal tract. Apply it should be strictly according to instructions.

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Step 6:

To prevent accumulation of veterinarians in the stomach wool recommend giving cats a special pot - catnip. Its seeds can be purchased at a pet store or veterinary pharmacy, and then put in a pot and grow at home. Cats would be happy to feast on the grass, which helps to cope with the problem of excessive hair in the stomach.