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How to distinguish a British cat

In recent years it becomes very popular all over the world, the British cat breed. This hairless cats, which are the result of the mating of Persian and native species in the UK. Sometimes the owners of the other short-haired animals are trying to pass them off as the British to get for them more money. Therefore it is necessary to know the distinctive features of the breed, in order to correctly make a choice when buying.

How to distinguish a British cat

Instruction how to distinguish a British cat

Step 1:

British cats, in addition to the traditional bluish in color, may have other options. There are solid colors: white, without other impurities, deep black with black paw pads chocolate, full-bodied tone with a milky white paws, purple color with a pink shade, as well as brick, cream, tortie. Note that the latter option is only found in females. There are also different combinations of colors: purple, cream, blue-cream, smoky colors, "chinchilla" Siamese "color-points." Meets are many other colors that are not deviations from standards.

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Step 2:

Pay attention to the shape of a cat's body. Representatives of the British breed - strong, have a well-developed chest, a little bit short legs, strong and short neck with a seamless transition from the body to the head. Often confused with these cats Scottish Fold, which are less massive, have a lighter constitution. Scottish fold body shape is more like bowling, the tail tapers to an end. The British also breed along the length of the tail of medium, wide at the base and rounded at the end. It is also sometimes confused with the British shorthair cats straights. To distinguish them, look at the nose: the British at the end of it slightly bent. The ears should be short and slightly rounded.

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Step 3:

British cats coat is soft, not adjoining, thick, dense, firm to the touch. In Scottish wool it is very similar, but often softer and less elastic. This business card British breed - a dense undercoat, which resembles a plush to the touch.

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Step 4:

Observe the behavior of the pet. British cats are calm and balanced character. They can easily go to the contact, affectionate, but not intrusive. From Persia they are distinguished by the lack of laziness, they are often mobile, a lot of play. But they show independence, inclined to solitude and loneliness.

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Step 5:

There is a variation of rock - long-haired British, who have not been recognized until recently. They have the same features of the breed, long hair has the same structure, distinguishable from the wool of the Persians and other cats. If fur longhair British cat is not dumped in mats - a thoroughbred breed.

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