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How to distinguish a decorative rabbit

Decorative Rabbits - touching and tiny creatures that are designed specifically for the maintenance of the apartment. They are gaining in popularity as pets. But not everyone knows what they differ from normal rabbits, common in agriculture. How not to make a mistake by purchasing the animal? What you need to consider when choosing?

How to distinguish a decorative rabbit

Instruction how to distinguish a decorative rabbit

Step 1:

Decorative rabbit advisable to purchase from professional breeders, who can provide a pedigree animal, and all the necessary documents, or, alternatively, at a pet store. If you a rabbit someone from friends or your attention is drawn cute animals on the market, it is necessary to pay attention to which species they belong to. Otherwise you risk to become the owner of an ordinary rabbit meat.

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Step 2:

The main difference from the decorative rabbit meat - its small size. Normal rabbit decorative even in adulthood weighs less than 2.5 kg, while rabbit meat able to grow and gain weight up to 8 kg. There are also decorative dwarf bunnies, they are very small - less than 1.5 kg. Weight conventional decorative rabbit in two months is about 300 grams, and the weight of a dwarf - only half.

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Step 3:

Small decorative rabbit can be distinguished from normal along the length of the ears. In decorative rabbits ears short - 1-3 cm, and the ears grow up to 5 cm of meat rabbit ears are much longer than in adult rabbits..

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Step 4:

In addition, decorative rabbits can be identified by characteristic features inherent in their different species. One of the most popular varieties of ornamental rabbits called "ram". Their ears are distinguished by the fact that at the age of one to two months are hanging. Sometimes y ears "sheep" for the first time fall asymmetrically: one falls, the other continues to stand upright. But this is a temporary phenomenon of the age. An adult rabbit same protruding ears indicate a lack of purity of the breed. "Ram" - One of the most unpretentious of varieties of ornamental rabbits.

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Step 5:

Quite different from the other rabbits of the breed "Rex". They have very short fur, the touch-like plush. This unusual feature makes these rabbits more susceptible to fungal and infectious diseases - because the protective function of the skin have been reduced. But in dwarf rabbits and Angora breeds fox, fur on the contrary much longer than normal. Furthermore, they differ showy tufts on the ears. When choosing such a rabbit should be remembered that his long hair require careful daily care.

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