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How to distinguish a parrot lovebird male from female

Parrots, lovebirds attract birdwatchers in their appearance and behavior: male and female pair pose only once and remain faithful to each other throughout their lives. In addition, they are visually similar enough, so wanting to get offspring often have questions relating to the sexual characteristics of the female and male.

How to distinguish a parrot lovebird male from female

Instruction how to distinguish a parrot lovebird male from female

Step 1:

Buying bird, pay attention to its size. It is best to choose a parrot among several other individuals - then there is the possibility of comparison. Female parrots, lovebirds slightly smaller than the male. But this figure is hardly universal, as is sometimes the difference in size subtle. In addition, features of development may relate to individuals of either sex, so very large samochki may well exceed the males in size or be compared with him.

Step 2:

Look at the beak size: the parrot-lovebird male has a larger beak. In some cases, the color is much richer, but it depends on the specific type of lovebirds, of which there are at least six. This also applies to color. The female may be a bit lighter than the male.

Step 3:

Look carefully at the skull acquired birds. The female forehead is higher than the male, shaped like a dome. female head size is also a bit less. Male parakeets, lovebirds has a slightly elongated skull.

Step 4:

If the birds have formed a pair, highlight the female simple: it behaves like a real woman, preening in front of a partner, to the point that inserts between the feathers or pieces of paper litter, giving themselves extra volume. Landing on a perch in the female also different than the male parrot-lovebird. If a male is sitting almost upright, the female is slightly tilted forward. But the store conditions, this method can not be considered significant, since specific findings need a few days of regular observations.