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How to distinguish male from female quail

Female quail acquire in order to later provide themselves with quail eggs. But it is difficult to contain the female quail: it needs certain conditions, the heat, the constant change of feed. Therefore, for decorative purposes is better to buy a male. How to distinguish between males and females?

How to distinguish male from female quail

You will need:

female quail, quail male

Instruction how to distinguish males from females quails

Step 1:

First of all, decide what type of quail you wish to purchase. Depending on the rules of distinguishing female and male are different.

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Step 2:

If you choose the Japanese quail wild color, then look at the breasts of birds, reached age three to four weeks. If the feathers on his breast a bright red color and no dark spots, then this is definitely male. If you see a yellowish-gray feathers with dusky patches, it is a female.

Step 3:

If your choice - colored quail, then wait for the birds to be two months. Test the skin on poultry abdomen: in this period the female through the skin of the abdomen can be felt the ends of the pubic bone, which are widely divergent in the cloaca. But the male bones are to be located close by. Keep in mind that immature females, these bones are arranged similar to the bones of the male. Therefore it is very important that the birds were not less than two months of age.

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Step 4:

Watch and listen to the quail make sounds. The male quail periodically publishes a very sharp cries. This sound is so sharp that you tell a male from the "silent" female easily.

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Step 5:

If you do not have time to watch birds, take the hands of quail and look very carefully place between his tail and cloaca. If it is a male, then you will find there is quite a large "bump" - is iron, which is exclusively in the male. If the pressure on the gland, the cloaca of a bird appears white foamy secret.

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Step 6:

If you select birds that are not located in the cell, and on the spacious grounds, take a look at how to mate quail. The male tries to grab the female by the neck with its beak, and then pulls the female head backwards or sideways. After that it is pressed against the female back a few seconds. However, this method is suitable for the more experienced in the breeding of birds of people, because sometimes the females just act in a fight.