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How to distinguish male gerbils

Gerbils - popular pets. This is not surprising, because these rodents do not require regular walking, they are unpretentious, they do not have an unpleasant smell and are able to stay in a cage all day. Choosing a pet, please note that the gerbils were of the same sex, if you do not plan to breed them and do not want in a few months, they filled your home.

How to distinguish male gerbils

Instruction how to distinguish male gerbils

Step 1:

Difference between sexually mature male and female Mongolian gerbils is fairly obvious. Puberty in rodents is completed six months of age. If you look between the legs adult male gerbils, you will see large testes, in which you and be able to distinguish it. If rodent still young, you can push a little on his stomach to see the difference.

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Step 2:

It is much harder to determine the sex in young gerbils. Carefully grasp the rodent and turn it belly up. In this case it would be better if the one hand you will keep his head and the other hand to hold for the priest. Carefully inspect the belly of the animal. The females should be clearly allocated nipples. If gerbils have started to grow hair, Blow rodent on his stomach, and the nipples become visible.

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Step 3:

Turn the gerbil and look between her legs. Do female animal sex and the anus are close by. The distance between them is just a couple of millimeters. In males gerbils sexual organ is located much further.

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Step 4:

After puberty, males can be distinguished from females and behavior. Most often, males gerbils more friendly, while the females are brisk and active.

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Step 5:

If you do not deal with the determination of sex of your animals yourself, contact the forum rodent lovers, where you will be happy to help. Take a picture of the animal crotch, and people who are faced with these rodents, can tell you what sex your gerbils.

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