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How to distinguish siberian cats from other breeds

Cats of different breeds differ in appearance, character, habits, demeanor. If you are looking for a picky, friendly, intelligent furry friend, take a look at "Siberians". Distinguish siberian cats from other breeds is not difficult.

How to distinguish siberian cats from other breeds

Instruction how to distinguish siberian cats from other breeds

Step 1:

Siberian cat - a very strong, sturdy and muscular animals. Due to the natural origin of this breed, "Siberians" have excellent health. Cats tend to be somewhat larger cats.

Step 2:

If you pay attention to the legs of the Siberian cat, you will notice that they are quite powerful and large, and growing hair between their toes. The tail of the Siberian cat has a very long and fluffy. Its width is gradually reduced from the base to the tip.

Step 3:

Siberian cats is different from other breeds of a relatively large head, reminiscent of a trapezoid. The top of head "Siberians" flat and low forehead, gently rolling to a straight and relatively wide bridge of the nose. The very nose of the Siberian cat has medium length. If you carefully test the cheekbones and the chin of the animal, you will feel that they form a circular line. Also Siberian cats have a short neck, long whiskers and eyebrows.

Step 4:

In comparison with other species cats ears "Siberians" reach average. They are slightly tilted forward, and their tips are rounded. Most of Siberian cats on the tips of the ears, you can see mischievous brushes.

Step 5:

Pay attention to the eyes of Siberian cats. They are round and slightly slanted. Color animal eyes of this breed can be yellow or green. Only color-points and white "Siberians" can boast a sky-blue eyes. In white Siberian cats, you may notice a different eye color.

Step 6:

Siberian cats are long-haired animals. To distinguish them from other breeds of cats can be by chic "collar" and lush "panties".

Step 7:

Color Siberian cat can be anything except chocolate, lilac and burmezskogo. Cats color-point can be called "Neva masquerade". The coat on the body in such a bright cats, and ears, paws, tail and mask on a muzzle - dark.