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How to educate Chow

Chow Chow - one of the oldest breeds of dogs. The origin of it belongs to the Spitz, but there is an assumption that the admixture of blood flowing Chow Tibetan mastiff. A dog can be a guard at the same time magnificent and beautiful nurse, who can be trusted with very young children. Mind and kindness, generosity and beauty - a combination of qualities invariably captivates people chow. A dog of this breed is characterized consistently good, smooth and calm frame of mind, allowing the owner to whom he trusts to do with him anything and perform any unpleasant procedure.

How to educate Chow

Instruction how to educate Chow

Step 1:

To begin, create favorable conditions for the full development of the puppy. Provide him a place where he could move freely and to have as much space as he needs.

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Step 2:

Try to communicate more with the baby, talk to him, to contact between you become stronger. Buy a puppy to a variety of toys. You can buy special dog, as well as latex, rubber or vinyl. Right, let's all not because they him very quickly become uninteresting. It is better to give out new toys gradually and old at the time of cleaning.

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Step 3:

Chow are very clean. Puppy is trying to do their "affairs" in one place, so the bed area newspapers or rubber mat. If the kid chose the place for the toilet, then put newspaper there.

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Step 4:

Teach your puppy to brush the hair from an early age, then in the future this will be no problem. Get a brush, comb and everything you need in a pet shop. Do not forget about eye care and ears of the baby.

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Step 5:

When feeding, a dry and crumbled feed, make sure that the puppy always has fresh water. Little Chow recommended to give low-fat cottage cheese with low-fat yogurt or fermented baked milk, but not often. As the goodies you can use cheese, chopped into small pieces, green apple or raisins.

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Step 6:

Do not walk with the puppy until until you have made all vaccinations and after the last pass at least two weeks. At first walk deduce kid on a leash, it is better to use a soft harness. On the street a lot, so his reaction could be the most unpredictable. Duration 30-40 minutes of walking, excessive load puppy contraindicated.

Step 7:

With all the tenderness that is causing your puppy firmly suppress his behavior, which in the future will be very difficult to correct. If he gets used to the unlimited freedom, then it may grow ill-mannered dog with uncontrolled behavior. Do not disregard any of his tricks.